Saturday, June 14, 2014

Papercraft LEGO Star Wars C-3PO minifig WIP 2

For many people, the "subtle" clue I gave last time about my "secret papercraft project" was not so subtle... ;o)

Since most people know I'm a big science-fiction and Star Wars fan, the one golden and one silver LEGO leg could mean only one thing: that I'm working on a papercraft LEGO Star Wars C-3PO minifig.

But actually, I'm working on two papercraft LEGO c-3PO minifigs! ;o)

One version will be the one made out of golden mirror/metallic cardstock, like the silver cardstock that I used for Luke's lightsaber earlier: link

That version is based on the 5 solid 14k golden C-3PO minifigs that were made by the LEGO company for 5 lucky winners for the 30th anniversary of Star Wars in 2007:

(there were also 10,000 chrome gold C-3PO minifigs that were randomly inserted in LEGO Star Wars sets; people often mix them up, except probably the 5 people that won the solid 14k gold ones ;o)

The papercraft version will consist of just blank parts with just the fold and cutting lines, because it's meant to printed on golden mirror/metallic cardstock.

It's tricky material to work with though, because it's quite thick; thicker even than the 200 gsm paper that I normally use and that my papercraft LEGO minifig pieces are created for; so you really need to rember to make the holes for the arms, legs, hands etc. slightly bigger than for the regular version, or they won't fit together...!

The surface of the mirror/metallic cardstock is also very smooth, so the ink from my inkjet printer really wipes off very easily when you accidentally touch the lines... (which *will* happen, no matter how careful you are...)

But although it's tricky, it's great when the "golden" parts are finally finished:

But like I said, I'm also making a "regular", textured version of Threepio to print on regular cardstock paper! ;o)

That one will be based on the 2012 version from sets 9490 - Droid Escape and 10236 - Ewok Village. I really like that version, because of the "Blue, Red and White Wires Pattern" of Threepio's wires:

Like many "modern" minifigs, this C-3PO version has a pattern on the backside of the torso as well as the frontside ("old" LEGO minifigs only have printed frontsides):

My papercraft LEGO C-3PO won't have any accessories, so his head is really the only new piece; it's a "molded" head, so very different from the normal LEGO minifig heads, though:

It was tricky to create out of paper, but he turned out quite handsome, don't you think so? ;o)

Stay tuned for more! ;o)

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