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Tanks & other military vehicles

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*Advance Studio Paper-Pro Modelling
super deformed Palm Army Panther tank freebie (on the right)

chibi M1A2 Avrams, Challenger 2, C1 Ariete, STRV 122 and Leopard 2A6 tanks

*All from paper
Austin-Putilov, BA-64, Jeffery armored car No.1, Mgebrov-Renault, Mgebrov-White, Poplavko-Jeffery and Russo-Balt C24/40 armoured fighting vehicles in colour and black and white versions (click the "AFV" button in the menu on the left, then the thumbnails, and then on the next page the PDF icons)

*Bamboogila's corner
Cbasa 39M armored car and chibi Humvee here

Brother April Fool's Day 2018 printer tanks

World War II Soviet KV-2 heavy tank, tank tracks parts (in CorelDRAW *.cdr and AutoCAD *.dxf formats for lasercutting) and R-27 and R-23 air-to-air missiles (in CorelDRAW *.cdr format)

*Cardmodel blog54
detailed 1934 Soviet BT-5 tank (click the "paper 1" and "card 1-3" links for the PDF part files)

*CBBC Leonardo
Leonardo da Vinci-style wooden motorbike, submarine, flying machine and tank

chibi Japan Self-Defense Force trucks and World War 1 Mark IV Heavy Tank and World War II Tiger I tank here and slope cable car and type 100 and Shinden train cars and train station

*Combat Modele Kartonowe
World War II Hiroshima atomic bomb Little Boy (click the cover thumbnail for the colour version and the "tutaj do ściagnięcia wersja biała" link for a black and white version)

*DeviantArt falcon01
several World War II tanks and airplanes, boats and Star Trek models

*DeviantArt IvanSV
several tanks and Ancient Slavic cahbin with chicken legs and cannon

*DeviantArt RocketmanTan Nighthawk Studios
iRobot 710 Warrior military reconnaissance and explosive ordnance disposal robot, Leonardo Da Vinci tank, Vickers 6-ton tank and World War II A9/A10 intermediate-range ballistic missile

*DeviantArt Vladcorail
winter camouflage Panther tank, T34/76 tank, Bussing armored car, chibi M113 APC armored personnel carrier and armored Ford T

*Dpileggi's Picks
XSM-75, USAF and RAF Thor ballistic missiles, SM-62 SNARK and Scud and Al Hussein missiles by Eric Truax, RIM-2 Terrier missiles and dual mount by Wolfgang Perez and AIM-9 Sidewinder missile by Adrian Lamande

*Dragos Cardmodels
DAC Romanian military truck, Kolloswagen tank and Soviet T-12 tank and Soviet SS-24 Scalpel ballistic missile and Russian R-27 Vympel air-to-air missile here

detailed military vehicles

*Exclusive Models
black & white WWII tanks and other military vehicles

*Fiddlers Green
small World War II US Army jeep freebies (scroll down a bit and click the jeep picture)

*Girls und Panzer
Anzio Girls High School CV-33 tankette and Ooarai Girls High School Duck Team Type 89 I-Go tank

*Government of Japan Cabinet Office Peacekeeping Operations
Japan PKO 4-wheel drive jeep and transport truck and humanitarian relief tent

*Great-A Library
black and white tank

*Greg Van 't Land
Pakistani short range surface-to-surface ballistic HATF II Abdali missile (at the top right of the page)

*i Card Tanks
World War II German Jagdpanzer 38(t) Hetzer, Russian T34/76 and German Panzerkampfwagen IV Ausf. D tanks

*Japanese Ministry of Defense
Type-10 tank and boats, hovercraft, helicopter and airplanes

*Japan Ground Self Defense Force
black and white T-90 main battle tank, light armored vehicle, parachute and AH-1S anti-tank attack helicopter

*JB Models
Fowler B5 armoured steam tractor and World War II Chevrolet 157 armoured bank carrier freebies

very detailed Panhard AML60 light armoured car

World War II Panther turret and American M5A1 Stuart VI

*Korea Ground Forces Festival 2014
chibi K1A1, K55, K30, K2, K9, K21, MLRS, K200, M47 and M4a3E8 tanks and armoured vehicles and AH-64E Apache and KAI KUH-1 Surion helicopters (click the thumbnails to download the parts and instructions; 2013 version here with extra chibi K1A1 tank on Paper-Replika and English site with less models here)

*KTR Keep Them Rolling
World War 2 jeep (small and bigger version)

*Landships II
A7V Sturmpanzerwagen, Mark I, Mark IV (including Beutepanzer version), Mark V and Mark VIII heavy tanks, Mark IX infantry carrier, Mark A Whippet, Renault FT, Schneider CA1, Six-Ton Tank and St. Chamond light tanks, Crompton emplacement destroyer and 4.5" howitzer, Burstyn, Fiat 2000, Frot-Laffly landship, Mendeleev and Pilsudski tanks, Laffly 80AM armoured car, Vickers Mark E and T1E1 tanks, T4E1 combat car, M2A1 and Vickers Mk.II tanks, M1 armoured car, A7V-U prototype tank, Ehrhardt E/V 4, Austin-Putilov, Jeffery, Russo-Balt and Mgebrov armoured cars and World War I Halberstadt CL.II biplane and L.13 zeppelin from different creators

*Lazy Life
M4 Sherman, Panther Ausführung G, amphibious T37A, Soviet T34-76, Panzerkampfwagen IV Ausführung D and Type 97 Chi-Ha tanks and more

*M37 CRW Designs
1953 Dodge M37 truck (click the picture on the right about halfway down the page)

*Maple Kikaku Kamino-Ana
38t light tank, BT5 fast tank, Kubelwagen and Leonardo da Vinci tank

*Minicar's Paper craft
remote detonator device

*My Linux ISP Wayne McCullough Paperpanzers
World War I British MkIV and MkV Heavy Tanks, Whippet Medium Tank, German A7V Heavy Tank, French FT17 Light Tank and Schneider CA1 Medium Tank

Honker ambulance, LKW 7t truck, rocket launcher and Russo-Balt armoured car

*Modelos de Papel 8m
Panhard VBL light armoured vehicle (click "Click en esta liga para bajar el modelo." for the PDF parts file)

*Niku Mansei
cute Farm Wars super-heavy Maus tank, tank destroyer and medium tank and lots more models

*OCAD Militaria Collectors Resources
Willys army jeeps and RAF Spitfire Mk.1 and FRS1 Sea Harrier

*Orekue Tuzikaze
two simple fantasy tanks

*P.A. Models
amphibious Soviet T-33 tank (click the tank silhouette at the bottom of the post)

*Papercraft and Papermodel
German Leopard 2A6, United States M1A1 Abrams, Indonesian Soedirman 01 and 02 MBT tanks and Humvee and Libyan rebel pickup truck here
1953-1958 Swedish Defense Force Volvo TP21 Sugga and US Navy aircraft carrier flight deck pushback tractor (in the "Army" categorie) and lots of cars, buses and trucks and several boats, trains and other models

*Paper Exhibition
military tank

*Paper Models Bulgaria
light Soviet tabk T-80, Russian heavy tank KV-2 and Panhard-178 and BG-M-01 armoured car here

* Kartonmodellbau Online
German U-boat 88 mm deck gun and 40 mm Bofor anti-air gun

*Paper Panzer
black and white A7v Sturmpanzerwagen, Whippert medium tank, Russian Putilov-Garford armoured car and French Mark 1 St. Charmond World War 1 tank

*Papertoys Narod
black and white Soviet BTR amphibious armored troop transport and Grad rocket launcher

*Perry's Paper
T1E1 and M2A1 light tanks, T4E1 combat car, M1 armored car, radio-controlled armored car drone (under "US Military Vehicles") and Vickers Medium mk II tank (under "UK / Allies Military Vehicles) and Star Trek Ferengi shuttlepod and World War II jeep, Federation Type-15 shuttlepod and USS Enterprise-D shuttlebay 2 dioramas and The Next Generation Type-III phaser rifle, The Original Series Eminiar and Klingon/Romulan Disruptor and Type-III phaser rifle (under "Star Trek Models")

*PR Models
OA vz. 30 armoured car, Leopard 2A4 tank, Panzerkampfwagen IV tank, M4A3 Sherman tank, Willys jeep, World War II superheavy Maus tank, BMP armoured personnel carrier, Panzerkampfwagen 38t, Panzerkampfwagen VI Tiger, Panzerkampfwagen V Panther, T34/85, T55, OT62 Topas APC, SU100, A34 Comet, caterpillar tractor Ost and PAK 40 gun and model 33 tankette and several more 1/250 scale military vehicles here and a 1/250 scale Czech army base and containers, tents and even more vehicles here

*Rawen Comics
scale 1:100 BVP1, Maus, LT38, Tiger, Kübelwagen, Panther, Jagdpanther, Panzer IV, T34, Sherman M4A3, Willys Jeep and Tatra OA30 tanks and armoured fighting vehicles

*Repap Studios Chippy's Papercraft Haven
Military Humvee, Star Trek Voyager Intrepid-class and The Original Series Enterprise starships and futuristic LV-01 Raven X-209 Dagger ASF-01 Saber space frigate H-1 Hungerford and military Humvee, airplanes and Mech Rider comic Uraine's mech rider (don't forget the PDF passwords!)

fantasy tank (click the PDF link)

*Serezas Models
black and white tanks and other military vehicles (most in Windows Metafile or Autodesk AtoCAD DWG format)

*Shizuoka Paper model plant
small black and white Soviet T-26 and T-60 tanks and Japanese type-94 tankette (click the links under "展開図" at the top left)

*Spyker Enterprise
Second Life video game Sabre tank and Grizzlor semi-trailer truck tractor

*SSN Seisaku Diary
duper deformed/chibi type-10 tank (click the green "展開図はこちら" link, just above the pink advertising near the bottom)

Mk.VII Tetrarch, Su76M and BA3 tanks and armoured fighting vehicles

Patriot missile system, tanks and military support vehicles

*Tanki X
Tanki Online tanks (click the "" link just below the video in the first post)

retro style toy tanks, racecar, and more

*Toni Mauricio
Willys Jeep, Chevrolet gun tractor and Wehrmacht and Africa Corps Kübelwagen

*Tonton Neko Craft
super deformed WWII and fantasy tanks

detailed black-and-white CV-33 tankette (click the "dropbox" link at the bottom of the post; jpeg version here)

*Universitat de Girona Hades
AIM-120 AMRAAM advanced medium-range air-to-air missile (click the picture under "My own design")

*Vojenska Technika
Alligator, AEC Dorchester, ZiS-42, MAN 5t 4x4 and 7t 6x6 military vehicles

*World of Tanks
Bat.-Châtillon 25t, multi-turreted Soviet T-35A, German Panzerkampfwagen Ausf. IV,  Olenesha Suitcase in Rain comic book diorama, Soviet T-34, French Renault FT self-propelled artillery, Soviet heavy tank KV-5, Soviet IS-3, British Vickers Medium Mk I, German Landkreuzer P. 1000 Ratte, Soviet KV-2, Chinese Renault NC-31, German Panzerkampfwagen VIII Maus, German Leichttractor VK-31, Soviet SU-26 self-propelled gun, United States T1 Cunningham, German VK 1602 Leopard and Soviet T-18/MS-1 ((go to the Russian version of the site; then choose one of the tanks, and on the next page click the "Скачать брошюру с развёрткой модели и исторической статьей" links at the bottom of the post for the PDF parts and instructions files)

*World war 2 papermodels
1/72 scale World War 2 Italian M13/40, Soviet T-26 and BT-7, German Panzer III Ausf. H L/42 and Panzer IV Ausf. F1/F2 and American M24 Chaffee tanks

*XDiem GamePaper Blog
World War II Soviet IS-2 Joseph Stalin-2 heavy tank

*Y's Papermodel Workshop
1/72 scale black and white Leopard 2A1, ASU-85, Merkava Mk.3, M60A3, Pz.Kpfw.IV ausf.G, T-34/76, M4A1 Sherman, Tiger 2, Hunting Tiger, Strv103B, Churchill Mk.3, 20mm TKS, Type 90, Raupenschlepper, Type 89, BA-6, Krupp Boxer 6x4 truck, Panhard AMD 178 armored car and Type 87 selfpropelled anti-air gun (download the "KIT FILES")

Carden Lloyd tankette and Kubelwagen (click the little red arrows)
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