Friday, August 15, 2008

Quad bike galore

I'm really fond of the way the first 3D games looked, and ever since I discovered Pepakura, I love how you can recreate that polygonal goodness almost perfectly in paper: the quad bikes were so much fun when I first played Tomb Raider 3, I have no idea why I didn't make paper models of them before...

But now I finally have, with 4 different body kits:
  • Red and white quad bike from the trainings level.
  • Green camouflaged quad bike from the "River Ganges" level.
  • Brown/tan camouflaged quad bike from the "Nevada Desert" level.
  • White and yellow "S.L.I.N.C." quad bike from the Lost Artifact add-on ("Shakespeare Cliff" level).

Oddly enough, even though the models are all basically the same, the texture mapping is different due to the method used in the ripping process (I think...?). So it was actually a bit more work than I hoped to create all four different quad bikes...

But it was worth it, because I am happy with the results. I also included a blank template for you to print on colored cardstock, or to color yourself to make your own designs.

And last but not least, there is an extra bonus that I kept a secret: Lara Croft in classic Tomb Raider 3 style to ride them. The parts and instructions are available from my papercraft webpage, have fun building!

greetz ninjatoes

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