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Valentine's Day pop-up cards

*Baud and Bui
Cubino, Escher, stairs, Angkor Wat, Tower of Babel, Empire State Building, village houses, village church, aubade, cargo ship, cat and the moon, cheese, overlapping cubes, present, modern villa, Valentine´s Day and One Pillar Pagoda pop/up cards (click "More patterns / Plus de modèles" at the bottom of the page)

*Craft craft
summer, thank you, birthday, pre-school, Hinamatsure doll Festival, winter, New Year's and Christmas pop-up cards

*Cubeecraft Pixel Pages
video game sprite and other pixelated pop-up cards

*Disney Create UK
Mickey Mouse, A Bug's Life, Cars, Finding Nemo, Pinocchio, The Incredibles, Up!, Winnie the Pooh, Wall-E and lots more customizable Disney pop-up cards (click the "> Find out more" button, choose "3D Pop-up", customize your pop-up card and click the "Print Scene" button when you're done)

*Eircom Jagoda's Origamic Architecture
Yugoslavia Gracanica monastary pop-up card

Evermore logo and Christmas reindeer pop-up cards

*Fukaya City Agriculture Promotion Division
pop-up card and Fucargo truck and colouring sheet

*Handmade Papercraft Club
several 90 degrees and 180 degrees pop-up cards and mobile ornaments samples (click the categories in the menu beneath the pictures)

*Hiromi's Stay True Pop-up Gate
anemone mini-pop-up card

*Horsey around the world
teapot and teacup tea set, Valentine's heart, Christmas tree, knight chesspiece, paper crane bird, giftbox, Zippo lighter, F-15 Eagle, classic oldsmobiles and Formula 1 racing cars pop-up cards

*Japan Post Network
cute seasonal pop-up cards and telescopic dioramas

*Jun's Paper Craft
staircase, parliament building, I Love You church and several stepped pop-up cards and Christmas tree, Merry Xmas and church pop-up cards here

*Kagisippo pop-up cards
watermelon, carnation bouquet, heart, snow star, strawberry cake, sakura blossom, flowerbed, kitten, Christmas tree, flower baskets, pizza, sakura tree, treasure chest and carnation cake pop-up cards freebies

*Kitutuki Woodpecker Studio
simple animals, flower and Chinese Zodiac pop-up cards

*Konica Minolta
pop-up book with dollhouse kitchen, bathroom, living room and small garden

simple zodiac sign pop-up cards

*Maria Victoria Garrido
picture frame, simple house, Dionysos theatre, angels, playing children, present, dream world, Asian fan, flowers, dragons, ballerina castle, Valentine, Christmas, New year, butterfly and alphabet pop-up cards

*Matthew Reinhart
bouquet, Valentine heart, Easter Bunny, wreath, house, teddy bear, Noah's ark, pterodactylus dinosaur, Halloween Jack-o-lantern pumpkin, Frankenstein monster, Thanksgiving turkey, Star Wars pod racer, General Grievous, R2-D2, Boba Fett,C-3PO, Chewbacca, Millennium Falcon, Darth Vader and Transformers Bumblebee and Optimus Prime pop-up cards

cute 2.5D cows in field pop-up card and some more simple kid's crafts

Space Invaders, skull and Valentine's heart pop-up cards and lots more crafts ideas with extensive tutorials

whiskey bottle and glass, Zeppelin airship, schoolbus, Leica CL and Rollei 35 photocameras and Sekiden pellet gun pop-up cards

*Nippon Paper Group
rabbit and church pop-up cards

simple little Tengami torigate pop-up (also here

*Okayama City Digital Museum
simple underwater diorama pop-up card

*Papercraft Ninja Network
Mayan temple pop-up card

hand drawn pop-up cards of buildings, Annie M.G. Schmidt Jip en Janneke and more (click the "Own designs", and look for a "Click here for the pattern" link below the pictures)

*Pop-up Baby
simple cute baby bear, cat, baby dog and panda pop-up cards

*Robert Sabuda
animals, holidays buildings, boats and Star Wars pop-ups

*Roger Pattenden Heritage Models
pop-up galleon

*r.p.m. Design Studio
Chinese Zodiac 2011 Year of the Rabbit in a hat and 2010 year of the Tiger, Halloween, beach holiday, flowers, sakura cherry blossom, Hina doll festival Valentine's Day and Christmas tree pop-up cards

*Sanwa Supply Paper Museum
New Year's, Valentine, birthday, Mother's Day and Father's Day, wedding, Halloween and Christmas cards and more

plant, animal, E. coli, and blue-green algae cells and electro-negativity and ecological pyramid pop-up cards

*Sozai no puchi-chi
cute pop-up Christmas card (click the "クリスマスカード(ポップアップカード) のダウンロード 【PDF 2ページ】" link near the bottom)

*Studio Sakyo paper Garden
Simple church and Greek temple pop-up cards (click the "POP-UP CARDs" button and then on the next page the third "サンプルファイルはこちら" link, you need to ask the password to open the PDF files: English mail form Japanese mail form; you should receive an automatic reply with the passwords within a few minutes) and simple building pop-up cards

*Takumi Fukushima seaplane 818
Christmas angel, moony night, fairies, Mont Saint Michel, Tibetan Potala palace and Japanese style building façade pop-up cards (look for the pictures with links underneath them, then look for the "(PDF形式)" links on the next page)

*The Future Foundation
Toshima-kun owl mascot Christmas pop-up card and tissue box shaped like tram (scroll down to the bottom of the page)

recreational yacht, XT1200Z Super Ténéré touring bike desert scene, street motorcycle, mountain trekking motorbikes, swordfish and fishing boat, rugby match stadium, snowmobile race, jet-ski and scooter commute pop-up cards
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