Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Mario papercraft test build #2 ! (or is it Luigi...??)

As you can see, even though it's the same head as in the 3D model, the papercraft version sometimes ends up looking very different than what you see on your computer screen...

Sometimes that's a good thing, but in this case, it's a bad thing, because it makes Mario look like Luigi...! ;o)

I was going to change the head a bit around the cheeks anyway, but I think it will be easier to make a new head rather than trying to fix this one. ;o)

Stay tuned!


  1. he looks slightly bald...

  2. Practice makes perfect, your commitment to testbuilding is always impressive!

    I think this one will turn out really nice. It also fills a gap in the papercraft archive because the only mario models around now seem to be polygonal N64 rips or hyper detailed brawl edits! A medium detailed one would go down very well (don't forget to put him on NP when you're done ;p).

  3. LUIGI? WTF? it's a joke no?

  4. Haha yes, I'm still making Mario; this just means his head needs more work...

    I promised Drummyralf that I'd post my Nintendo related models on, and I'm sure Mario qualifies. ;o)

    But first things first of course, this test build shows he's still far from finished! ;o)

  5. Remember to keep that head. Luigi would be a great idea for another model.

  6. lol LUIGI?!?!?! haha, I love that!

  7. There's a big chance that I will make a Luigi to go with Mario in the future of course, but I'll probably give him his own head rather than Mario's defunct one (I really couldn't do that to poor Luigi... ;o)


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