Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Never enough room... ;o)

With Mario being my 100th papercraft model, I really needed some extra space to put them all, so I made these new shelves!

I couldn't get back far enough to capture them all in one photo (due to a wall being in my way... ;o) so I copy-pasted several pictures together (in case you were wondering why the shelves were looking so crooked... ;o)

There still isn't enough room for some of my bigger models and my Advance Wars models, though, so they will have to stay where they are I guess. ;o

Here are some more pictures of paper models I built so far:
King of Red Lions
Advance Wars models
Star Trek models
models made by others: picture 1 and picture 2

Well, time to finish Mario so I can make some more! ;o)

Have fun building!


  1. Very nice photo ! It's awesome to see all this building.

    Can you tell me where I can find the T-rex you have down at the left ?


  2. Those T-Rexes are from the classic Tomb Raider trilogy, the parts and instructions are on my papercraft webpage here: link

    Take care which pages you print if you don't want to build all three! ;o)

    Have fun building!

  3. thats quite a wall you've got there! 100 models strong, whats next?

  4. I'm not quite sure yet, I have so many ideas to do next!

    But first, I'll finish the instructions for Mario, and then I'll think about the first model of 2011! ;o)

  5. Thank you for the link !

  6. No problem of course, have fun building! ;o)


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