Sunday, August 17, 2008

T-Rex trophy head for over your mantelpiece

I don't usually manage to release two paper models so shortly after one another, but this is a very simple one again, with only 8 big parts (just 5 for the head, and 3 for the wall mount plaque) on 2 sheets.

The idea to make this one came to me when I was looking for the Racetrack Key to take a good screenshot for my quad bike project and ended up in the trophy room where Lara keeps her "souvenirs" from her earlier adventures.

Besides the Atleantean Scion (broken in pieces) from the original Tomb Raider, the Dagger of Xian from Tomb Raider 2, a golden idol that's actually from "Indiana Jones and the Lost Ark" and the Iris artifact that we wouldn't actually get to see until Tomb Raider 4 and 5, there is this T-Rex head.

You know the old saying: if you manage to fell a T-Rex, you get to hang his head over your mantelpiece. ;o)

Download it from my site as usual:, I'm afraid I don't know how much you would need to scale it for a 1:1 version though, sorry...

Have fun building!

greetz ninjatoes

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  1. Simple yet elegant.
    I am finishing my second build of the T-rex plaque this evening. I will send you pictures of her this evening. wildman