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Space exploration

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*Aalborg Universitys Studentsatellite AAU CubeSat
AAU CubeSat satellite (old, new and detailed professional versions)

*AIM Aeronomy of Ice in the Mesosphere Satellite Mission
simple Pegasus satellite launch vehicle (paper model download link under "Spacecraft Models Courtesy of Orbital Science Corporation")

Air Force Pakkun
various versions of the Japanese H-II and Pencil space rockets, Epsilon rocket and Hayabusa Peregrine Falcon asteroid probe (under "SPACECRAFT")

old 1953 simple spaceport diorama

*Aries Paper Models
lots of American, Russian, European and other country's space rockets (click the links in the menu on the left)

*Atacama Large Millimeter/submillimeter Array (ALMA)
Atacama Large Millimeter Submillimeter (ALMA) inferometer dish and moving truck (also here) and Atacama Submillimeter Telescope Experiment (ASTE), Nobeyama 45 m and smaller radio telescopes (NoRH), Global Precision measuring astronomical telescope (VERA), observation room and Shima Ishigaki station diorama, Tokyo 60 cm submillimeter telescope (VST), Peruvian Geophysical Observatory 32 m antenna and Subaru, Okayama 188 cm and 91 cm optical-infrared telescopes

*Atlas of the universe
polyhedron skyglobe of the sky with constellations

*Aviões de Papel
Soyuz space rocket and ISS International Space Station section cargo (near the bottom of the pages) and lots of airplanes

*AXM Paper Space Scale Models
lots and lots of different space shuttles and payloads, satellites, external tank and Solid Rocket Boosters, mobile launch platform and crawler transporter and International Space Station ISS

*BaffinSquid's Tea Room
16 Psyche asteroid

*Baseband Technologies
GPS and compass satellites

*Best Paper Models
Juno II rocket

1st Turkish Remote Sensing Satellite (click the template thumbnail at te bottom)

*Bob Bendorf's Paper Models
Project Mercury capsule (parts may be spread throughout the gallery)

*Boston University
TERRIERS satellite

*Boulder SwRI Planetary Science Directorate
simple black and white New Horizons spacecraft (under "Downloads")

Little Joe 6 and Saturn Komorov space rockets

simple Polish BRITE Bright Target Explorer nano-satellite (under "Paper model (to be glued)" at the bottom of the page)

*Brně Mikulase Kopernika Observatorium and Planetarium
Soviet Sputnik satellite and R-7 space rocket (look for the Adobe PDF links on the left)

*Cabinet Office, Government of Japan
Michibiki GPS satellite

*California Institute of technology CalTech
Spitzer space telescope and Boeing Delta II space rocket

*Card Models
lots of detailed Soviet, Russian and Ukrainian space launchers, rockets and satellites

*CNES Centre National d'Etudes Spatiales COROT Mission
COROT satellite (click "Satellite mockup to build !" near the bottom of the page)

*CSIRO Double Helix Science Club
International Space Station ISS (click the "International Space Station paper model" and "instructions" links under "You will need")

*Currell Graphics
Spaceship One spaceplane, Japanese RVT Reusable Rocket Vehicle, Soviet N-1 rocket booster and Friede moon rocket from the 1929 film Frau im Mond (Woman in the Moon)

*Daisey Designs
fictional BA-11 space plane

*Danielle's Place
simple space shuttle (another one uses a 2-liter pop bottle as base)

*Delta 7 Studios
mostly commercial models, but the Mercury Redstone 8, Rosie Retro Rocket's Air Hawk II Ram Jet Scooter are available for free

*Denmark Technical University DTUsat
DTUsat satellite and display base

*DeviantArt RocketmanTan Nighthawk Studios
Corona spy satellite and Vanguard 1 satellite here

*Dragos Cardmodels
Isreali Shavit-1 space rocket

*Dutch Space
Dawn space probe (same as here) and dodecagon blue marble Earth, 2004 OMI ozone layer and labeled continent globes (under "PRESS & PUBLIC > Freebies and Downloads > Paper Model Kits" in the menu at the top)

*Einstein Stanford
NASA Gravity Probe B space probe

*Erick's Models
Minotaur and Enhanced Minotaur, LTV Scout B, Convair RTV-A2 Hiroc, Taurus Models 3110 and 3210 and JAXA H-IIA202 space rockets, and escape tower and stand

*ESA European Space Agency Human Spaceflight and Exploration
ExoMars rover vehicle

*ESA European Space Agency Kids
Hipparcos star globe, Aeolus, ATV and Integral satellites and SOHO, Mars Express and Gaia space probes (click "MORE")

*ESA European Space Agency LISA Pathfinder
Laser Interferometer Space Antenna LISA Pathfinder LPF craft and LISA Technology Package LTP payload

*ESA European Space Agency Multimedia
Automated Transfer Vehicle ATV

*ESA European Space Agency Proba-1
Project for On-Board Autonomy Proba-1 satellite (click "Proba-1 paper model" under "Special features" on the right)

*ESA European Space Agency Rosetta
cute cartoon Rosetta comet orbiter and Philae lander (click the "09 July 2014 Build a Rosetta model" or "09 July 2014 Modell zum Ausdrucken" thumbnails and then on the next page the "DOWNLOAD Hi-RES JPG" button)

*ESA European Space Agency Science & Technology
Mars Express, Aurora, Cassini-Huygens, SOHO and Philae Lander solar system exploration probes, ISO, INTEGRAL and Gaia astrophysical observatories and Pierreg's Ariane 4 space rocket

*ESA European Space Agency Venus Express
Venus Express space probe (click "Build a model (PDF)" under "Multimedia" in the menu on the left

*ESO European Southern Observatory
ALMA Atacama Large Millimeter/submillimeter Array antenna and transporter wagon

*Eye on Orbit
dodecahedron and truncated icosahedron moon globes and dodecahedron inside-out ISS International Space Station Cupola observatory module

*Fukuda Planning Shioya Astronomical Observatory
Japanese L-4S-5, M-4S, M-3C, M-3H, M-3S and M-3SII space rockets

*GDIP95 Paper Models
European BepiColombo, Gaia, Galileo, GOCE, IXV, LISA Pathfinder, Pléiades, Rosetta & Philae and Sentinal 2b and American Apollo 10, GRACE-FO and Iridum NEXT satellites, probes and spaceships and Firefly Alpha, LauncherOne and Spica launchers (choose the European, American and launcher categories at the top)

Goto Space Simulator GSS-Chronos planetarium projector

*Gunma Astronomical Observatory
150 cm space telescope (click the "型紙をダウンロード" next to the picture for the PDF parts file)

*Herschel Space Observatory
Herschel space telescope (simple and complex versions)

*Himeji Star Child Astronomical Observatory Museum
Hawaii Subari telescope, simple sundial and Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune planets

*Hong Kong Space Museum
Shenzhou (Divine Vessel) spacecraft (download links are near the bottom)

*Hubble Site
simple and expert paper model of the famous Hubble space telescope

*Interceptor Shield
Boeing MDAA Missile Defense Advocacy Alliance Interceptor missile

Akatsuki Venus Climate Orbitor (same as here)

*JAXA Activation Program Group
Hypersonic airliner, S3TD Silent Super Sonic Technology Demonstrator, MuPAL-α experimental aircraft and Stratospheric platform airship

*JAXA ALOS Advanced Land Observing Satellite
ALOS Advanced Land Observing Satellite

*JAXA AMSR/AMSR-E Advanced Microwave Scanning Radiometer for EOS
Aqua EOS satellite and earth and sea surface temperature soccer globes here

*JAXA BepiColombo Mercury Exploration
MMO Mercury Magnetospheric Orbiter space probe (click the template thumbnail about halfway down the page)

*JAXA Club Go! Go! Craftkids!
Hayabusa Muses-C (beginner, advanced and expert versions), IKAROS solar sail spacecraft, Venus climate orbiter Planet-C, lunar orbiter SELENE, test satellite Kiku ETS-VIII, Advanced Land Observation Satellite ALOS, Advanced Earth Observation Satellite ADEOS-II, Kodama DRTS Data Relay Test Satellite, Aqua Project Advanced Microwave Scanning Radiometer for EOS AMSR-E, Mu-LabSat, Mercury Magnetospheric Orbiter MMO, Akebono EXOS-D Aurora Observation satellite and soccer ball style colour composite, sea surface temperature and globes

*JAXA International Space Station ISS
dancing ISS Japanese Experiment Module automata

*JAXA ISAS Institute of Space and Astronautical Science
lunar orbiter Kaguya, Hayabusa space probe, simplified Earth, Mars and Venus globes and MV satellite launch rocket

*JAXA Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency
JAXA Earth Observation Missions GCOM-W1 Shizuku water cycle observation satellite (click the "「しずく」ペーパークラフト" link)

*JAXA Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency Fans
Epsilon launch vehicle space rocket (scroll down a bit and click the link underneath the banner with the rocket, scissors and glue stick)

*JAXA Kids
MMO BepiColombo Mercury Magnetospheric Orbitor, Hayabusa, Kaguya, Akatsuki Planet-C, and Akari Astronomical Infrared Satellite probes and satellites, MV launch rocket, Earth, Moon and Venus (click the links under "ペーパークラフト" in the menu on the left)

*JAXA Nozomi Planet-B Home Page
ISAS Nozomi Planet-B science satellite (click"PLANET-B paper craft" near the bottom)

Akari Planet-F infrared imaging satellite

*JAXA QZ-vision
1/50 scale Japanese H-IIA launch rocket payload section and experimental Michibiki Quasi-Zenith Global Navigation Satellite System (get all four parts)

*JAXA Satnavi
ALOS-2, WINDS (also in JAXA Satnavi Magazine Vol.14 at the bottom of the page), ALOS, DTRS and ETS-VIII satellites

*JAXA QZ-vision
Quasi-Zenith Michibiki satellite antenna, body, solar array paddle and engine and rocket

1/50 and 1/100 scale Kaguya Selenological and Engineering Explorer (under "ペーパークラフト" about two thirds down the page)

*JAXA Space Exploration Center
lunar rover (beginner and advanced versions, at the bottom of the page)

*JAXA University of Tokyo Inatani Lab
Reusable Vehicle Test pod

*JAXA Venus Climate Orbitor
Akatsuki and Planet-C orbiter satellite (click the template thumbnails under "ペーパークラフト" at the bottom of the page)

*Kickstarter ARKYD
ARKYD space telescope (scroll down and click the "THE PAPER ARKYD" image)

*Laszlo Vadaz Paper Rockets
Soyuz, launch table, Juno 1, Jupiter C, Redstone MRBM, Mercury-Jupiter, Thor-Delta DM-19 Telstar satellite launcher, World War II Rheintochter R-1 surface-to-air missile and Lars Folmann's R-7 Sputnik, Vostok, rr-transporter and Proton

*Lockheed Martin Space Day
Orion Crew Exploration Vehicle (space shuttle successor spacecraft), SR-71 Blackbird glider plane and simple black and white lunar buggy

*Lower Hudson Valley Challenger Learning Center E-Giftshop
lots of space rockets, Lunar Lander, Mir space station, space shuttles, Venture Star, Mars Rover, International Space Station and lots more

detailed 1/96 scale Apollo LUT Launch Umbilical Tower Command Module Service Arm

*MINTsprint VORarlbergWÄRTS
ADM-Aeolus Earth Explorer wind measuring satellite

*Mitsubishi Electric
simple Earth, Moon and Saturn globes

*Mos95b Surfduke's Moonport Project
Apollo command capsule, LRV lunar rover and service module, Skylab spacestation, Soyuz docking tunnel launch pad and SA Saturn space rockets

*MPIA Max Planck Institut für Astronomie
Luhman 16B brown dwarf (scroll down to "Fold your own Luhman 16B"; as simple die or origami balloon)

*NAOJ National Astronomical Observatory of Japan Hinode Science Center
simple full-colour and black and white and full-colour more complex Solar-B space probe

*NASA ARES Mars Scout Mission Proposal
Aerial Regional-scale Environmental Survey of Mars (ARES) autonomous powered airplane drone

*NASA Cassini Solstice Mission
Cassini space probe (simpler model here)

*NASA Dawn Mission
Dawn Veta and Ceres asteroid belts space probe (also here)

*NASA Deep Impact Mission
Deep Impact probe (beginner and advance versions) and comet impactor

*NASA Deep Space Network
34 m Deep Space Network tracking station satellite dish

*NASA Education
International Space Station ISS

*NASA Goddard Space Flight Center
simple black-and-white Earth magnetosphere model (click the "Folding paper model of the Magnetosphere" link under "INTRODUCTORY AND GENERAL:")

*NASA Goddard Space Flight Center RHESSI Home Page
HESSI spacecraft (under "Classroom Activities")

*NASA HEASARC High Energy Astrophysics Sciense Archive Research Center
RXTE Rossi X-ray Timing Explorer satellite

*NASA Herschel Space Observatory
Herschel space telescope (simple and black-and-white complicated version)

*NASA James Webb Space Telescope
James Webb Space Telescope (two versions)

*NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory
Galileo, Stardust, Cassini (beginner and advanced versions), Deep Space Network tracking antenna, Mars Pathfinder (beginner and advanced versions), Mars Odyssey, Mars Polar Lander, Genesis and Near spacecraft

*NASA Kepler Mission
Kepler space telescope

*NASA Kids Solar System Exploration
simple and challenging Cassini space probes (same as here and here), CONTOUR comet explorer, Galileo orbiter, Genesis probe, Lunar Prospector, Mars 2001 Odyssey probe, Mars Express, Near Asteroid Rendezvous (NEAR) spacecraft, Pioneer 10, SOHO (same as here) and Stardust comet chaser (use the download links beneath the pictures)

*NASA Mars Exploration Program
Mars pathfinder, Mars Global Surveyor, 2001 Mars Odyssey and Phoenix Mars Lander (under "Build a Mars Spacecraft" near the bottom)

*NASA Marshall Space Flight Center
Discovery Mission simple Genesis, Lunar Prospector, Mars Pathfinder, Deep Impact and contour, intermediate Near Earth Asteroid Rendezvouz, Dawn, Genesis capsule and deck and Messenger and challenging Deep Impact, Kepler space telescope, Stardust and Messenger spacecrafts

*NASA Mars Pathfinder Education and Outreach
black and white Pathfinder spacecraft

*NASA Mars Polar Lander
Mars Polar Lander cruise configuration, landed configuration here and Mars Climate Orbiter here

*NASA MMS Magnetospheric Multiscale Code 461
simple MMS Magnetospheric Multiscale Mission spacecraft

*NASA Precipitation Education
GPM Global Precipitation Measurement Core Observatory satellite

*NASA Quest
International Space Station ISS emergency Crew Return Vehicle X-38 parafoil parachute (click the "paper pattern" link under "Materials" about halfway down the page) and Pioneer 10 space probe here

*NASA Science for Kids Universe
Chandra X-Ray space telescope, Compton Gamma Ray observatory, Fermi Gamma Ray space telescope, Gravity Probe B, moderate and challenging Hubble space telescope (same as here), James Webb space telescope, Kepler space probe, Rossi X-Ray Timing Explorer (RXTE), Spitzer space telescope (same as here), Swift space telescope and WISE spacecraft

*NASA Small Explorer Project Submillimeter Wave Astronomy Satellite
SWAS Submillimeter Wave Astronomy Satellite

*NASA SOHO Solar and Heliospheric Observatory
SOHO spacecraft paper model (under "Free Stuff" at the top)

*NASA/Sonoma State University GLAST Gamma-ray Large Area Space Telescope
Fermi Gamma-ray space telescope (click the "Fermi paper model" link under "Printed Materials")

*NASA Spitzer California Institute of Technology
SIRTF Space Infrared Telescope Facility Spitzer space telescope and Delta II space rocket

*NASA Stardust Comet Sample Return Mission
Stardust spacecraft

*NASA Terra Mission
Terra EOS-AM 1 satellite

*National Astronomical Observatory of Japan
several different models of the Moon (under "ペーパークラフト" beneath the wallpapers)

*National Astronomical Observatory of Japan
Subaru, Alma dish and transporter, Nobeyama National Astronomical Observatory and Okyama Astrophysical Observatory telescopes and several different moon globes

*National Astronomical Observatory of Japan Solar and Plasma Astrophysics Division
Solar-B satellite (download links at the first point: "0、型紙を入手", instructions at points "4、観測装置の組み立て" and "5、全体の組み立て"

*National Astronomical Observatory of Japan Subaru Telescope
Subaru telescope (2 beginner and 1 advanced model)

*NEAR Near Earth Asteroid Rendezvous Mission
NEAR Shoemaker spacecraft

*New Horizons
New Horizons spacecraft and Pluto icosahedron globe

*New Mexico Wing Civial Air Patrol Cadet Aerospace Activities
CAP rocket, Egg Lifter, booster stage and Lemanski Dart

*Niels Paper Models
Goddard L-10 and L-13, V-2 prototype, Bumper-Wac, Martin RTV-N-12 Viking, Hermes RV-10, Vanguard Viking, Thor-Able I Pioneer andThor-Able II Tiros, Thor-Delta 11, Pencil Rocket, Rhohini RH-75, Black Knight, Black Arrow, Blue Streak, Ariane 1, 2, 3 and 44LP, AIM-4D Falcon and Direct Jupiter 120/232 rockets and Sputnik, Pioneer 1, TIROS 1, A-1 Asterix and Mimosa satellites and space probes

*Ninfinger Classic Paper Space Models mirror
Russian R-7 Vostok rocket, R-7 payload Sputnik satellite, R-7 railroad transporter, Proton rocket and LK lunar lander craft and American Titan 1 and Titan IIIC rockets with X-20 experimental plane and ASTP Saturn 1B and Saturn C8 rockets

*NRC Next
simple Loenochod-1 Russian moon rover (click the "download hier" link at the very bottom for a bigger, cleaned up version)

*Office of Space Science Education GIFTS Program
Geosynchronous Imaging Fourier Transform Spectrometer GIFTS satellite (click the "Download a Paper Model of the GIFTS Spacecraft (PDF file)" buton near the bottom)

*Orbital Sciences Corporation
simple Pegasus satellite launch rocket (click "Make Your Own Rocket" at the bottom on the left)

*Origami n' Stuff 4 Kids
chibi/super deformed NASA spaceshuttle

balloon powered Mars Phoenix Lander (advanced and beginner versions, click the yellow "Version 1" and "Version 2" links in the first block of text)

*Pan di Stelle
chocolate rocket ship and more

March 2013 C/2011 L4 PANSTARRS comet orbit tracker (you'll need to answer 1 multiple choice question right)

*Paper Exhibition
R1 space rocket

*Paper Models Bulgaria
Soyuz 3 rocket (about halfway down the page)

* Kartonmodellbau Online
Tsyklon, DNEPR, Vulkan, Proton, Poljus and Energia space rockets, Russian lunar orbitor and lander, Vostok and Voshkod space capsules, Buran space shuttle and lunar rover

*pe2tr Card models
Mercury capsule and LES launch escape system, Gemini and Apollo command and service modules, Apollo, Orion command and service modules and flotation test CM, SpaceX Dragon spacecraft, Boeing CCTS Commercial Crew Transportation System, ACTS, Ariana 5, Soyuz and Progress launcher, Soyuz Mission Delta 2011, Pegasus Booster and X-43 Hyper-X, Pioneer 10/11 and Voyager space probes, Lunar Surveyor moon lander, AO40 Oscar 40, A051 Echo and DO64 Delfi-C3 AMSAT HAM radio amateur satellites, Hubble Telescope SCRS soft capture and rendezvous system (for use with the Hubble sites' Hubble Telescope), ESA ATV Automatic Transfer Vehicle, DC-X Delta Clipper, Deepspace1 probe and Buckminster Fuller moon freighter

Apollo 11 Saturn V moon rocket and launch tower and lots more anime, cartoon, vehicle, airplane and science-fiction models

*Perkins Observatory
Cassini probe, Hubble space telescope, Compton GRO, Chandra X-ray observatory, NEAR probe, Mars Polar Lander, Galileo probe, Lunar Prospector, Mars Orbiter, ACE Advanced Composition Explorer, simple Spaceshuttle glider, Genesis probe, solar system puzzle, World War 2 German V-2 rocket, Soviet N-1 moon rocket, Pioneer 10, Mars Parhfinder, Landsat 7, RXTE Rossi X-ray Timing Explorer and Nozomi/Planet-B Mars probe (on the second half of the page)

*Phoenix Mars Mission
balloon powered Phoenix Mars Lander (simple, challenging and difficult versions; click the "first", "second" and "third" links in the text respectively)

*Pierreg Maquettes en Carton
European Space Agency ESA Ariane 4 rocket

*Planck Mission
Planck space probe (click "Click to download high-res-image" beneath the images)

*Planetary Resources
ARKYD-100 space telescope (click the "DOWNLOAD AND BUILD YOUR OWN PAPER ARKYD MODEL!" banner at the bottom)

simple space rocket for your Qoo beverage bottles and lots more

Blyant Bla, Arok-D7, Diamant, Adrian, Griben, Tora, Solveig, Vaida, Charlotte, Night Glow, Dragon Hunter, Power Tower, Kaleido, Cool Rocket and Borg Lyn fantasy rockets

*Rib Mountain Repeater Association
AMSAT-OSCAR 40 amateur radio satellite

*Science Story
Earth, Jupiter and Mars globes

*Shetland Astronomical Society
Beagle 2 Mars Lander, Pathfinder mission Sojourner Mars Rover, Soviet Moon Rover Lunokhod 1 and fantasy Shetland Astronomical Society Overlight Space Transporter Viking U.F.O.

simple space shuttle (click the brown "ダウンロード" button next to the first image) and lots more simple paper toys

*Sonoma State University Fermi Gamma-ray Space Telescope
Fermi gamma-ray space telescope (look for the "Fermi paper model" under "Printed Materials")

*Sonoma State University Swift Mission
Swift satellite (under "Swift Satellite Model" about one third down the page)

*Spacecom NICT National Institute of Information and Communications Technology
Kizuna WINDS Wideband Internetworking engineering test and Demonstration Satellite

*Spacecraft Kits
Cosmos-1 Solar Sail spacecraft (click the "Assembly Instructions" link under "Let's Go Sailing!")

*Spacecraft Replicas
detailed 1/4 scale Mercury capsule (use the "Paper Model" menu at the top for the different parts)

*STEREO Solar Terrestrial Relations Observatory
STEREO spacecraft (click the "cut-out model" link under "MAKE YOUR OWN STEREO SPACECRAFT" on the right)

*Sternwarte Recklinghausen
Sun, Mercury, Venus, Earth and Moon, Mars, Jupiter and moons, Saturnus, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto globes, sundial and several other astronomy tools

*Technische Universiteit TU Delft Aerospace Engineering
Delfi-C3 satellite (three different versions)

*The Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory LLC
Pluto spacecraft New Horizons

*The Moonstation
Selene mission Kaguya space probe in simple coloured and black and white, more detailed moving version and Epsilon space launch rocket and SPRINT-A observation satellite here

*The Planetary Society Blog
Mar's moon Phobos (click "Click to enlarge >" to enlarge the 2D map, then follow the instructions as described to make it into a 3D model)

*The Planetary Society Spacecraft Kits
Cosmos-1 solar sail spacecraft beginner version, instructions for advanced, articulated version with the same parts here (click "Click here to Download the Model Parts" about two thirds down the page)

*The Project Apollo Archive
Gulf Oil Company US lunar lander, near the top onder "Miscellaneous Memorabilia" (click Memorabilia and More" in the "table of Contents" on the left)

*The Rocketry Blog
satellite interceptor, SpaceMaster, M.A.G.P.I.E. Viking MMX conversion, Lemondrop, Micro Andromeda, Octagon Skyrunner, Slidewhistle and Halloween Coffin Rocket and links to lots more rockets

*TIMED Mission
TIMED satellite (choose "Activities" from the menu on the left)

*Tokyo ISS Intelligent Space Systems Laboratory
PRISM Pico-satellite for Remote-sensing and Innovative Space Missions (at the bottom of the page)

*Tokyo Institute of Technology LSS Lab for Space Systems
1/2 scale CUTE-I satellite

retro style Stubby rocket

*TRACE Transition Region And Coronal Explorer on-line
TRACE satellite (click the image or the "this pdf file" link in the text next to the image at the bottom of the page)

simple BRITE Austria Bright Target Explorer TUGSAT-1 nano-satellite

*Tvorba modelov
Galileo navigation satellite and Astro Telescopes Celestron Starhopper telescope

*Twitter Go Miyazaki
1/5000 scale 162173 Ryugu asteroid

*Twitter Tomo-Nyan
New Horizons General Purpose Heat Source-Radioisotope Thermoelectric Generator (GPHS-RTG) nuclear battery

*U-Don's Factory
Chinese Chang-Zheng Long March 2F rocket and Apollo Lunar Lander module LM

*Uematsu Electric
C75B3F4 test rocket

*Uhu Papercraft
simple space shuttle (on page 2 under "ADVANCED") and spaceship (on page 2 under "PROFESSIONAL")

*University of New Hampshire Experimental Space Plasma Group
ACE satellite (beginner and advanced versions)

*University of Vienna
simple BRITE Bright Target Explorer nano-satellites

*Urban Kartonmodelle
Mercury Little Joe and Redstone test rockets and space port diorama terrain modules (click the links in the menu on the left)

*USGS Astrogeology Science Center
Venus, Moon and Mars and Jovian (Jupiter) moons Europa, Callisto, Ganymede and Io, created from pictures made by various spacecraft and probes

*Vad1939 Laszlo Vadasz
Soviet Soyuz, R7 Sputnik, Vostok, railroad transporter and Proton, American Juno-1, Jupiter C Redstone MRBM, Mercury-Jupiter, Telstar 1 Thor-Delta 11 rockets and launch table and World War 2 Rheintochter R-1 and Rheinbote missiles

*VLBI Space Observatory Programme 2
VSOP radio satellite (download link right beneath the first header: "用意する物")

*Young Astronauts Club Japan Go To Mars Together
concept Mars base colony ("P1-P8" and "作り方・型紙" links above the picture of the papercraft Mars base) and 3D Mars base diorama card (beneath the picture of the papercraft Mars base)

1/96 scale Cosmos 3M (C-1/SL-8) Abrixas space rocket

*Zoot Advertising Design
retro style Zootian intergalactic biz booster rocket (click the red button)
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