Saturday, August 2, 2008

Tabletop gaming

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*2–Minute Table Top
hovel freebie (add the hovel to your shopping cart and at checkout, you can opt not to create an account)

*Action Figure Theatre Downloads
lots of simple Doctor Who, Indiana Jones, Sarah Jane Adventures and a few more scenery and backgrounds sets

simple Armageddon 2.5D figurines and chariots, walls and towers (under "Mauern und Türme" under "Downloads" in the menu on the left), ships (under "Schiffe und Wind"), terrain maps "(under "Karten") and flags and banners (under "Flaggen und Segel")

*Arc Games
official Dungeons & Dragons Neverwinter 2.5D stronghold and Ravenloft Madam Eva's caravan here (click the white "You can download the printable sheet by clicking here." links below the images)

*Billys Shed
many simple Warhammer buildings and scenery

dice, fantasy and sci-fi floor tiles and scenery and fantasy buildings freebies

*Bricksite PaperWar
Crossfire clone Mechfire Cyclops, Ronin, Tunguska, Viper, Scout and Tank units in various camouflage patterns and Crimson Galaxies rules and starship units here

Warmaster one- and two-story buildings, church, city wall, towers and gate, and crusader castle

*Cabrera Brothers The Free Bundle
black-and-white/colour-yourself US spider tank M3

*Catan d-lyx
small Settlers of Catan town hall, church, library, bathhouse, aquaduct, Colossus statue, trade offices, harbor, fort, iron foundry, windmill, monastery, market buildings, Mint, sawmill, blacksmith, village, small town, wool factory and brickyard (click "Basteln" at the top, then "3D-Karten" at the left)

*Combat Storm
cargo containers, car, sandbag barricades and Middle Eastern buildings

simple Dungeons and Dragons Pathfinder Roleplaying Game bookcase

*Dave´s Games
Steampunk styled space observatory

Warhammer 40k crates, bunker, anti-tank barrier and simple plants and trees

*Desktop Wargames
some 2D standies and simple Little Zerstörung spider gun crawlers and Doctor Who Tardis with simple interior here

*DeviantArt amadeushopkins
2.5D Warhammer 40k Eldar, Farseer and Warlock jetbikes and several Star Wars papercraft toys

*DeviantArt ARMORMAN
Warhammer 40k 28 mm scale Space Marine and 30mm scale Scout here (click the Download File" buttons for the PDF parts and instructions files)

*DeviantArt Pasiphilo
28mm female elven sorcerer and male human fighter 2D standies

*DeviantArt RocketmanTan Nighthawk Studios
Warhammer 40k Battlefleet Gothic Retribution-class battleship

*DeviantArt Scarecrovv
Battletech Locust LCT-1v Battlemech

*DeviantArt taerSliver
communication satellite dishes, dumpster containers, pipelines and mechas (click the images, then the "Download Files" button)

*DeviantArt Vrock8
Warhammer 40k Necron monolith (by Jim Bowen)

*Dragon's Lair
2D humans, elves, dwarves, hobbits, skeletons, zombies, goblins, ogres, hydra, dragons and more fantasy paper miniatures

*Dragon's Lair Colony 12
2D kobold, goblin, skeleton, zombie, count Dracula, hobgoblin, rustmonster, wolf, Vicky/Wickie the Viking pirate and Uruk-hai/half-orc paper miniatures

*Dream Pod 9
Armoured Gear Barnaby transport vehicle, containers, comm tower, shops and garages, giant stone head, Heavy Gear Revisionist church, military buildings, pyramid, Terra Nova globe and urban buildings

lots of freebies like rulebooks, maps, tools and models (you'll need to make a free account to download anything)

*Ebob Miniatures
World War II Stalag Luft III guard tower, POW barracks, German guard house, cooler, commandant's office and hospital block

*Eric Hotz Whitewash City
wild west saloon, piano and chimney and balcony add-ons for their commercial models

*Erny's place
simple OldHammer half-timbered fantasy buildings

*Expanded Universe
HeroClix compatible Fantastic 4 Baxter Building, Spider-Man Daily Bugle building, abandoned warehouse and Batcave

*Fantasy Cutouts
free hovel

*Fat Dragon Games
free add-ons like dungeon walls and tiles, a small market stall and a few more

*Fitz roleplaying stuff
half-timbered corner building, engine house, half-timbered seedy townhouse, simple stone arch, wattle and daub cruck cottage, small village smithy, peasant dwellings, thatched wooden barn and lean-to

*Flipit Paper Combat
simple units and terrain (here) and rulebook

*Florian Lelong CraftHammer 40k
hand drawn Warhammer 40k Tau warrior, Eldar guardian and Space Marine paper toys

*Gamer Architect
all kinds of buildings (mostly black and white)

simple 25 mm scale buildings, dungeon floor plans, 6 mm 1/300 scale dropship and pods, and 15 mm scale sc-fi tanks

*Ghost of Man
pink crystals and desert planet buildings (under "Terrain" at the bottom of the page)

*GHQ Models
lots of Dutch tabletop scale houses, buildings, a windmill and a water tower (at the bottom of the page)

*Greywolf's paper models
several cars and weapons for the tabletop game "Savage Wheels", a 16th century carriage sample from "gothic Adventures" and Pirate RPG paper sloops here (click the images for the downloads)

*Hawk Wargames
lots of Dropzone Commander residential, commercial and other urban buildings

Tower of Lodin dice tower (click the "Download" button)

*IanH wargame pages
6mm scale Cognac house, Bidoit shop, Cognac shops and factory/warehouse (some pictures here)

*Japan Self Defense Force Kagawa Provincial Cooperation Office
armored vehicles and Type 16 tank destroyer and aircraft and ships

*Jenny's Paper Miniatures
lots of different female fantasy, science-fiction and Napoleonic armies 2D standies

*Johan Kruger
apothecary shop, blacksmith, gate house, guard house, Prancing Pony inn, watch tower, war tents, Lothlorien outpost, guard tower, skull gate and Edoras city gate and Mimecast robot monster here

*Junior General
simple ancient and modern and fantasy and science fiction paper miniatures, terrain and campaigns

*Kickstarter Lift Off! - Get me off this Planet
Alieneeples paper toys (scroll down and click the links below the template previews for the different colours)

*Legends of the Old West et Legends of the High Seas
three simple Wild West style buildings

*Lord Zsezse Works
customizable Elven Crystal and Eledriel's Cloister

*MicroTactix Games
farm barn freebie (click the link at the very bottom)

instructions for a foamcore board sci-fi tabletop wargame dropship

*Miniature Games
lots of Lord of the Rings and sci-fi inspired wargame buildings and 2D standies (click the categories at the top)

*MINILab Models
Codex Manesse simple knights and court minis and simple church freebies (near the bottom of the page)

*Mini paper models
giant wasp, faerie, hydra, archer, wizard, dwarf, warrior, grim reaper, death dragon, vampire, lich, tomb warden, ghost, skeletal horseman, ghoul, skeleton, mimic treasure chest, gargoyle, thaarak hound, rust monster, hook horror, plant monsters, beholder, griffin, orc, white dragon and many more small tabletop scale scale fantasy creatures

*Models & Miniatures in Paper archive
mostly 2.5D miniatures, but also some nice vehicles and buildings

half-timbered corner building, engine house, half-timbered seedy townhouse, simple stone arch, wattle and daub cruck cottage, small village smithy, peasant dwellings, thatched wooden barn and lean-to (same as here)

*Momir Farooq
small Star Wars, Shadowrun and Transformers, Macross/Robotech Zentraedi and Stargate (in "OTHER GAMES") 3D paper miniatures

*Mythoz PaperCube
medieval castle Louvaillac donjon, walls, arches and ramps, buildings and watch tower and WarHammer crooked tower and stone bridge

*Odissey Paper Models
Hilands Mausoleum and Collectibles Halloween pumpkin head candy basket freebies (you need a free shop account to download the free items too)

*One Monk Miniatures
2.5D skeleton pirates, gladiators, fey princess, zombie familie, assassins, samurai, Galaxy Quest crew, Steampunk tank, Lost Treasures fantasy characters, Crypts, Cthulhu, red dragon, Blade Fighter, Deep Ones aquatic mutant fishes, Mad Scientist with henchmen, Battlecars, Crypt Worm minitures and Halloween props

*Paper Make It!
Space Academy 2D standies, dice tower, City of Stone altar, Buried Room underground rooms, treasure chest mimic trap (click the categories under "Free Projects" in the menu at the left)

desert village and fortress samples, Asian pagode and main hall buildings and Lord of the Rings Mines of Moria, Rohan and Gondor structures and terrain

*Privateer Press Forums
Iosan dice tower (click the "DOWNLOAD" link at the bottom of the first post)

*Ralf Schemmann's Man O'War Fleets
small Warhammer Man O'War Imperial Wolfship, Orc Bigchukka and Bretonnian Buccaneer wargaming ships

Battletech hex map elevations (click the "Battletech Papiergelände" links under "Downloads" at the right)

*Sanguine Productions Ironclaw
simple black and white Calabrese characters paper miniatures (under "Cardboard Standups" near the bottom)

lots of Battle Tech scale buildings and Leopard-class dropship

*Sector 17 Tommygun's Paper Models
concrete blast barriers, boxes, containers, vending machines, furniture and appliances, buildings and Turkey Vulture, Moon Hopper, Riverine boat and Steampunk zeppelin

*Seven Wonders
tons of 2D Marvel, D.C. and independant comics, mutants and masterminds, roleplaying and film, television and video game standies

2D dinosaur riding fox army, teddy bear and frog armies, dinosaurs, dragons, spiders and more monster paper miniatures (inspired by One Monk's work) and Sand Gecko dunebuggy, Dragonfly aircraft and UFO (under "Vehicles") and Battletech powerplant here

*Smash Monster Rampage!
Smash Monster Rampage! boardgame buildings, survivor and fire markers, monsters, tank and helicopter units and dice, hit cards, rulebook, playing board and unit trackers

*Squirmydad Mayhem in Paper
Balrog, devils & imps, Fey princess and zombie paper miniatures mods, 30 mm scale sci-fi Exterminator tank, Martian fortress villa and 1/600 scale ironclads, 1/600 scale airships and 15 mm fantasy airships here

*Stones Edges
wooden crates, stone sarcaphogus and sci-fi doorways freebies

*Strat's Mage Knight Fansite
Mage Knight bases, terrain, and some 3D buildings

*Sysabend Cardboard Heroes
very simple 2D random Justice League heroes, villains and prominent non-player characters and Superman The Animated Series good guys and bad guys paper miniatures

*Sysabend Serena's Cardboard Heroes
very simple 2D Konami Suikoden II characters, cowboy and indians and Sailor Moon paper miniatures

*Tangent Zero
Warhammer 40k Space Hulk terrain (click the "[]" link in the "2012-10-12:" update; the instruction file even has a small papercraft creating tutorial!)

*TCF Gaming
female Xena Warrior Princess-like warrior, medieval soldier, Lord of the Rings Legolas-like archer, Star Wars pilots, Astromech droids, battledroids, stormtrooper and World War II RAF pilot, horse, Star Wars stormtrooper, sandtrooper, and clonetroopers and Girl Genius Dingbot Prime (under "Figurines"), Star Wars Snowspeeder and STAP and Battletech Mechcommander Mad Dog Vulture, Timberwolf Mad Cat and Inner Sphere Atlas, Catapult and Urban mechs (under "Vehicles"), naval cannon, hex tiles, spaceship corridors and railway tracks (under "Terrain and Scenery")

*The Crogan Adventures
2D original Crogan Advantures standies and standies from Sherlock, Porco Rosso, Master and Commander, Simon Fonthill and Harry Potter

*The Dragon's Lair
several Warhammer buildings

*Topo Solitaro
fantasy/futuristic hovertanks, dropships, mecha walkers, armoured vehicles and more and boxes and containers all in many different colours/textures (under "Recortables/Paper Models"

*Toshach Miniatures
10 mm scale Dol Anduin castle and Stirling bridge

*Total Annihilation Papercrafts
Patoroch Warhammer 40k Thunderbolt and Lightning aircraft repaints and lots of Total Annihilation units

*Tumblr Newobmij
simple Warhammer 40k Terminators and complete Mini Dungeon Adventures rules, dungeons and characters here

Warhammer 40k warmachines

*Wizards if the Coast Dungeons & Dragons
tower, woodsman's hut, rustic bridge, mausoleum, gothic graveyard, town tavern, rural church, three-story city wall, half-timbered building, half turret and short wall, timber hoarding, cobblestone and dirt roads and gatehouse (most models with intact and ruined versions) and Lil' Flame dragon paper toy here (or here; click the red "Download" button at the bottom of the article)

*World Works Games
simple 2.5D Particle frigate model sheets freebie (click the "FREE TRIAL MODEL" button) and haunted Sentinel tree here

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