Saturday, August 2, 2008

Paper automata

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*Box Dog Puppy
hako/boxhead puppy with flapping ears (look for the "karakuri_puppy.pdf" about halfway down the page)

*Brother Creative Center
paper automata, patterned origami sheets and lots more paper toys

*DeviantArt ddi7u4d
animated flying Nyan Pop Tart Cat meme and Flying Wings automaton here

cute Hoops and Yoyo Christmas chimney automata

Rob Ives poseable T-Rex (click the "trexinstructables.pdf 1 MB" link just below the first two pictures)

*JAXA International Space Station ISS
dancing ISS Japanese Experiment Module automata

Gangan Style Psy (also in dancing Santa version), Nyan Cat meme, Kirby, Mario and Tiny Wings automata (same as here)

*Kikousya the Door Into Summer Mechanical Paper Model
rubber band engine Mini Cooper and Choro-Q cars

*Objective Ministries
Pteva the pterodactyl and professor Giraffenstein automata (under "Neat Paper Models!" near the bottom of the page, same as here)

*Paper Pino
Warning! Air Pockets!, Flying Santa, Rolling Reel Circus, the Incredible Anti-Gravity Cone, Leonardo da Vinci's Mechanical Hammer, Wandering in the Sky clown on a flying bicycle, Sweet Dreams sheep counting and Peace Dove automata

*RGatt Personal Works and Tests
BBoy street dancer automata

*Sasatoku Printing Company
waving Lucky Cat, Curious Sailor, Seal balancing a giftbox on its nose, Laughing Horse, Woodpecker and a Mole hesitant to leave its hole

*The City of Agano
flying swan automaton

Rob Ives automated robot and tutorial on how to make your own (in *.ai vector format, click "download the source files" under "Step 1")


duck pond automaton and Christmas Angel greeting card and Mr. Deer greeting cards
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