Saturday, October 24, 2009

Shields up!

After working on the character itself for a while already, I decided to do some work on the Hylian Shield now.

The Twilight Princess design looks great, but it's much too detailed for the scale the paper model will be in.

To make it much easier to build, I edited the texture so that all the little ridges and bumps don't have to be seperate parts anymore.

It's not 100% perfect, but I think it will look pretty good on the paper model. ;o)

Stay tuned!


  1. more updates = more happiness/excitedness!!!

  2. how do you edit the ridges and things into textures? and another thing, waht program do you use? it looks like blender but i'm not sure...

    sorry for asking so many questions :P

  3. When the 3D shape is curved a lot, there is a lot of distortion in the texture map to compensate for that, but the shield is a relatively flat surface, so editing the texture wasn't very difficult this time. ;o)

    The program I use for 3D modelling is called "Metasequoia", but the program I use to edit the texture is plain old Photoshop.

    Textures are basically just 2D images that get wrapped around a 3D shape in a 3D program, so if you change that 2D image, it gets changed on the 3D model automatically as well. ;o)

  4. hey ninjatoes, will you be making magic armour link too? three armours from tp!

  5. I might, but it would take a lot of work again, so definately not right after this one... ;o)


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