Saturday, October 10, 2009

Advance Wars Yellow Comet training video

I know, I know; I'm supposed to be working on TP hero Link... ;o)

And I am, but after already starting this Yellow Comet Artillery unit when I was making the instructions for Lulu's Moomba doll, I just had to finish it first:
Have fun building!


  1. Nice video !! XD It'd be cool it you had enough lego base plates for an entire map XD nice model!

  2. The small maps could be doable I think, but the big maps would cost a fortune in just baseplates alone! ;o)

    Not to mention the big maps probably wouldn't fit in my house anymore... ;o)

  3. Nice video! I'm assuming the in-game parts are from Advanced Wars 2?

  4. Yep, they are; I made a custom map for most parts, but because you can't use the Black Hole army in custom maps, I used the "Duty and Honor" map for the first parts with the Black Hole MD Tank.


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