Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Dresscode: layers

Of course I'm still working on TP hero Link! ;o)

But with making the instructions and video for the Advance Wars Yellow Comet Artillery, not a whole lot since last time.

For the bottom part of the tunic, I want to try to use a similar layered technique as on ZaL. Even though they're a little bit different, it should work nicely as well on TP hero Link I think.

Stay tuned!


  1. first comment

    will there be the chain mail underneath his tunic? it looks cool

  2. There's a seperate layer of chainmail underneath the bottom part of the tunic (the "man-skirt", but let's not get started on that again ;o) and some underneath the sleeves, but not underneath the entire tunic, because that wouldn't really contribute to the looks of the model but just waste paper and ink. ;o)

  3. i like more the method of link from link & epona, and oni link. u know, close legs and glue to the face of above the skirt ;)

  4. yeah but i think the layers are easier

    oh and ninjatoes, will his chainmail have 2 sides? like you don't just see paper on the other side

  5. Nothing is final yet, I have yet to think of a good way to make the connection between the torso and the legs. ;o)

    With ZaL it was prettyeasily decided, because the "body armor" overlaps the "man-skirt", so there just wouldn't be any glueing tabs to glue to the closed top part of the legs (they are needed to glue on the bottom ring of the "body armor") but it's quite different for TP Link.

    I'll decide after doing a test build. ;o)

    As for the chainmail, in the version I'll release it will only be one sided, just like on ZaL.

    If you want a double sided chainmail "man-skirt", you can mirrorprint those particular part of course, and glue them to the backside (if you are going to do so, I'd recommend printing the parts for the backside on thinner, regular paper, to save your more expensive thicker paper ;o)


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