Sunday, October 18, 2009

How Link's flat stomach makes him look uninteresting...

The latest update on my papercraft TP Link project; I think I managed to retexture the top part of the tunic quite nicely, so that everything doesn't have to be a seperate part (which will make building it much easier at this scale ;o) but I still have to remodel the neck as you can see.

And I'm not quite happy with Link's waist (where the tunic meets his belt). It just looks really flat and uninteresting like this, so I think I will change it, to give the impression that the tunic is kinda "overflowing" the belt, like it should be.

So stay tuned! ;o)


  1. yeah, that would be quite cool... but remember, don't make it too complicated!!!

  2. It'll be interesting to see how you'll achieve the overlap on his tunic! This is probably my most anticipated model from you yet! :D
    Icthus7 has previewed his Zelda from Brawl on his Deviantart page, and it looks stunning, but that's the second most anticipated model for me :P
    I'm not sure if you would take requests for this Link, but you know what would be pretty cool? To have a couple of accessories... like the bomb. I mean, you don't have to modify the model to have Link holding the bomb or anything, but I think having a little bomb next to him would look kinda cool, that's if you want to make it, and if it would be simple enough to render... just a suggestion ;)

    Also, I did say I'd email you photos of Homer and Lara's Suit, and it's been a while since I said that, so I'll email them to you soon so you can stick them up on your page, thanks :D

  3. I'll add your photos to the hall of fame when you send them. And yeah, I still have to make a TP Zelda. ;o) But I don't think I'll make it right after TP Link, though...!

    I'll make Link's Master Sword and Hylian shield as attributes now, maybe in the future I can make different accessories in the same scale as smaller models. ;o)

    And of course I'll try to make anything I do on TP Link the same style as ZaL, so he shouldn't end up too difficult I think. ;o)

  4. The belt is going to be a second piece no?

  5. Yep, the belt will be a seperate part.

    In fact, for the new idea I'm thinking about for TP Link's waist, the top of the belt will be the division between TP Link's bottom half and his top half. ;o)

  6. lmao...!

    u kno the adverts that keep goin round of the flat belly thing? that ad was right on top of this post!! lol :P

  7. i already have a tp bomb papercraft ready to be sent to a website! by 'a website' i mean, so i'll send it 2 drummyralf :P

  8. Haha, so it's that easy to influence the ads on your site, by just mentioning a few specific keywords?? ;o)

    Nintendopapercraft could use an update, my Yellow Comet Artillery has been on top of the page for almost two weeks now; I know it's great of course, but not *that* great...! ;o)


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