Wednesday, October 28, 2009

"To arms!!"

Another small update, this time it's the arms! (and the neck, but that really needs some extra work yet... ;o)
The "ZaL method" worked out well last time, so I will use the same method on Twilight Link I think (the only difference being an extra part for the chainmail that this model has.
Stay tuned for more!


  1. maybe you should try to make a pose a bit different from ZAL. but modeling is really hard, I guess. how long did it take you to get the hang of designing models? I'm still trying.

  2. What are you going to be working on next? I mean on this model, not another model.

  3. The reason why I chose this pose is still the same one as a month ago...! ;o)

    Making a papercraft model is not really difficult, you just have to be willing to spend the time to test your ideas and change them if they don't work (and hopefully the more models you make, the easier it gets to predict whether or not your ideas will work out - but I have yet to make a model that didn't need fixing after one or two test builds... ;o)

    If you use a 3D program, you do have to know the basics, like how to create, move and rotate parts, but mostly it's not very difficult, just very time consuming... ;o)

    For Twilight Link, I already started working on the hands as the next part. After that I will either do the head+cap+hair (because you can't really do them apart) or the Master Sword and its sheeth.

  4. This is looking quite good! :D
    Is there any chance that the collar on the tunic will pop up like in the Melee Link model?

  5. Isn't sheath spelt 'sheath' instead of 'sheeth' ?

  6. I'm not really sure about the neck+collar yet, a seperate collar part is actually quite tricky to assemble, because you have to glue it to same edge as the neck.

    I used that method before though, so if turns out it looks better that way, I will use it again (or maybe I'll find a better way) but even then the collar won't be as intricate as the one on Melee Link.

    According to Merriam-Webster, "sheath" is spelled "sheath", not "sheeth". ;o)

  7. first, totally agree with separated collar. second, you should make the waist a bit narrower than the chest (and thinner xD), as zora armor link
    and third, will you put these parts?:

  8. Twilight Link's clothes are quite different from ZaL's clothes; I'm trying to get an effect more like on Melee:Link or MM young Link, with the tunic a bit "baggy" and kinda "flowing" over the belt.

    When I test build it, I can see if I need to make any changes (don't forget that the 3D model is not really what it will look like in paper form ;o)

    I don't think I will make a "loose end" for the belt, to keep the style more like ZaL ( he doesn't really have any loose details like that either.

    And I might do the little bags, but that depends on how they will look after I adjusted them to the scale I want the paper model to be in. ;o)


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