Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Don't ask me what it is about Link's legs...?

Progress is slow as usual during the week, but there is progress!

And because many female papercrafters have told me there's "just something about Link's legs" (don't ask me what though... ;o) I felt obligated to show it. ;o)


  1. you should make that base thing on his legs like in melee link

  2. ...what exactly do you mean by "that base thing on his legs"? ;o)

  3. I think anon is talking the cuff of the boots.
    I think... :)

  4. I was thinking (s)he might mean that too; I'm sure that in the future I will make other more detailed models, but a a complex part like that doesn't fit the "ZaL-style" I want TP hero Link to have.

  5. Hey, after link is done, could you do zelda from twilight princess? they would be perfect beside each other on my desk!

  6. Yes, TP Zelda is also on my to do-list, in the same style and scale as ZaL and this TP hero Link I'm working on now.

    But I can't promise she will be the next one I'll make though...!

  7. The base thing I was saying is at the top of his legs. like his legs has a big hole in the top. You should cover that.

  8. Ah, I think I know what you mean now! ;o)

    You mean the big hole at the top where the legs connect to the waist/body?

    Of course it's going to be "covered up" by the tunic, but I don't know yet if I will make a flat surface there.

    On ZaL, I didn't and it worked out well, but the connection on TP hero Link is a little bit different, so maybe this time I will use a different method (it depends on how I will make the belt and body).


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