Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Small update

I was able to find some time again to work on Twilight Link, so here's a small update (can you even see it...? ;o)


  1. you un-flatinised the stomach

  2. I really like how the shirt comes out a little at the top of the belt, just like in the SSB: Melee Link model. :)

  3. This won't be as hard as SSB:M Link, will it?

  4. Yep, that's exactly it. ;o)

    Not a big adjustment, but it will make the final paper model look a lot better I think!

    Young Link and SSB:M Link did serve as inspiration for this solution, but the overall style of Twilight Link will be the same as ZaL, so it won't be as challenging to build as SSB:M Link.

  5. I know this might not be the most popular feeling, but I would welcome another Link model as challenging as SSB:M Link. The ZaL was fun, but I'm craving a big challenge.

  6. did you see life size link on youtube? unbelievable. If you want a *very very* big challenge, try that

  7. "Big" is the right word, that one's huge! ;o)

    I definately want to make more detailed models like SSB:M Link in the future, but no life-sized characters though, I don't have the money for that... ;o)

    I also enjoy a challenging build from time to time, but more often I like building models that look good, and don't take weeks to build, especially if you have only an hour or two each day to work on it...

    Hopefully I'll find the time needed for such a project, and then I'll have to decide on what model to choose... ;o)


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