Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Linebeck papercraft WIP 3

I've been busy on other projects, but I also made some progress on Linebeck! ;o)

I've been working on putting the rest of his body in his artwork pose, instead of the standard "scarecrow" position.

The pose will probably be finetuned until the model is finished, but right now I'll start on making the "missing" parts: the neck and the shoulders.

They weren't needed in the virtual game world where bodyparts can just float in thin air, but for a papercraft model, you need a good way to connect the arms and the head of course. ;o)

Stay tuned!


  1. Lookin sweet so far - the pose matches the artwork well! Will you be making this a smooth look model, to reflect the games style?

  2. Yes, I'll try a smooth look when I test build it and when it turns out okay, I'll keep the smooth look.

    Maybe I'll have to make some parts a bit rounder to do so, but I'll find out when I test build it and it shouldn't be a big problem. ;o)

  3. Totally, round is smooth! XD And you make the best smooth models. It'll look good with the 2D hands, which I'm assuming you're still gonna use! (Reminds me, I wanna re-make your Midna model, it's been 4 years since I first made it, and I bet I could make the next one look a lot better :D)

  4. I haven't decided yet what kind of hands I'll use; I think that when I do the test build, I'll try out the options, and then make a decision.

    If I do make "flat" hands, I'll make them like the ones I did on Midna (or very similar at least ;o)

    Midna was a fun model to make, even if she was kind of limited because of her "wolf Link riding"-position. ;o) I'm glad you like her!

  5. Looks very nice ;)

  6. Thanks! I've been a bit busy with other projects, but I hope I'll be able to post a newupdate on Linebeck soon (tomorrow)!


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