Thursday, August 25, 2011

Linebeck papercraft WIP 7

This is the first unfold to do a test build of Linebeck. I'm not expecting a lot of trouble, but you never know. ;o)

And while actually folding the model in your hands, you can often still find some parts that don't look so logical to build anymore as when you were staring at them on a 2D computer screen... ;o)

Stay tuned!


  1. Yes, I think the head itself won't be too difficult to build. Only the little pluck of hair on the back of his head is a bit difficult to unfold logically...

    And I want to make the eyes a little less "pixelated", but that's something I'll do in Photoshop, so it doesn't really matter for the test build. ;o)

    Oh, and I forgot to unfold the ears, haha... But I did those separate, and I don't think they'll be very difficult either. ;o)

  2. Will you include a .pdo on this one?

  3. No, sorry; I always end up making several separate Pepakura *.pdo files for the fixed parts after the test build, and the last fixes on the templates are done in Photoshop, not in Pepakura Designer, so there simply is no finished Pepakura *.pdo file with all the final, fixed parts to include with the papercraft models I make...


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