Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Papercraft tabletop gaming "Forum Hoards" miniatures

One Monk made lots of cool papercraft fantasy and science-fiction "Forum Hoards" that you can try for free before deciding to buy the tons of other papercraft tabletop gaming models in his webshop!

(if you were wondering where the name "Forum Hoards" comes from, it's because they are contributions from the members of One Monk's "Cardboard Warriors Forums"; anyone can participate, and every month a new Forum Hoard will become available! ;o)

Download + build your own papercraft tabletop gaming Forum Hoards (+lots more, by One Monk Miniatures):
(download instructions: choose one of the years below the "Forum Hoards" button at the top left, then click the pictures)


  1. The Hoards are updated monthly by model and miniature contributions from the membership at the Cardboard Warriors Forum. Anyone can participate, learn more about them here;

    1. Thanks for explaining, I added this info to the post too; hopefully there will be many more models from your blog and forum, I think a lot of people like them! ;o)

    2. Groovy. :)
      Thanks for all of the papercraft links too. :)


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