Friday, July 18, 2014

Papercraft 4000t "Yosho" crane barge

Sometimes it's difficult to believe that crane ships like the "Yosho" can lift such heavy loads without sinking or tipping over themselves...!
Download + build your own papercraft 4000t "Yosho" crane barge (by Yorigami Maritime Construction):
(download instructions: scroll down and click the green "設計図その... A4 [PDF ...MB]" buttons just above the papercraft picture near the bottom on the Yorigami Maritime Construction website)


  1. No chance of sinking or tipping over: reinforced hulls and the right counterweights will do the job just fine. (^^)
    This is a nice one I think I will build later in the week.

    1. Normally, yes: it's the same with cranes on land, when used correctly, everything goes fine, but there are plenty of examples of cranes used... not correctly, I guess... ;o)


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