Monday, May 28, 2012

papercraft TIE-fighter WIP3

When a model is pretty much symmetrical like this, I usually only make one half, and then simply copy + mirror the parts in Photoshop later on.

I'll add a little detail on the solar ionization reactor at the back of the command pod, by layering small pieces of paper to get a "raised" effect; this works better if you use thicker paper of course. ;o)

I'm also making the big, main viewport at the front less smooth and more octagonal, like it should be; making a paper model by hand is really going back and forth like this, adding and changing parts until you're happy with the it.

I want to make an interior for my papercraft TIE-fighter, so I'll make the main viewport out of a transparant sheet. You could really use any transparant plastic sheet, like scrap packaging material (recycling, yay! ;o) and trace the part outline and fold lines with a marker, because special, printable transparancies can be quite expensive...

Stay tuned!

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