Sunday, November 22, 2009

One-legged Link

The pants and the boots went together pretty quickly, and I'm sure
Link's man-skirt will as well. ;o)

Stay tuned!


  1. haha, not first now toni! lol :D
    the boot is sorta the same as my dream, and plus, the legs are so similar to zal's so i was like what the heck is this zal,then i was like of yeh its hol :D

  2. pffffft.

    maybe i´d like to be the third?^^

    the boot looks really good but the rest of the legs seems to be a little bit to dark for my opinion. or is this just in the test built?

  3. yeah, the legs are a bit dark...

  4. Hehe, aren't they a little smaller than in your dream..? After all that talk about scaling, I managed to mess it up... ;o)

    The really black parts at the top are shadows from his man-skirt, I think the rest will end up a light brownish/greyish colour, still pretty dark though.

    Edge colouring is a simple (but time consuming) technique that lets you get rid of white lines from the thickness of the paper on your models, so if you don't like those, it's really worth doing.

    I do kinda like them though (yeah I know, I'm kinda weird like that but I'm sure that isn't too big a surprise anymore? ;o) so I usually don't use that technique on my own builds (and especially not on sloppy test builds).

  5. i think youre right. the dark sections ahere covered from his "man-skirt" later.

    have you built the "man-skirt" yet?^^

  6. I gotta finish my Samus craft before you're done with this.

  7. i always thought that your unfolding method, left something to be desired.
    like the groin, if your trying to apeal to begining crafters, why make the groin unnecessarily painful?

  8. There are many different ways to cut up and put back together a papercraft model of course.

    I like this simple one for the groin because even though at first it may look difficult, once you've cut out and assembled the parts it's pretty self-explanatory and easy to glue them together.

    Really all you have to do is make a cylinder of the top ring (basically the waist) by glueing the ends together at the back.
    Then when you glue it to the top of the legs, the triangular flap that makes up the groin gets into the right position pretty much automatically.

    All you really need to do then, is put your thumb on the outside, and one finger on the inside, and press against the glueing tabs from both sides to make them stick.

    You do need to take a *bit* more time and use a *bit* more glue than I tend to do on my test builds though (that much is true for all the parts on my test builds... ;o) so you can make sure the waist and the legs are joined a *little bit* better than in this picture... ;o)

  9. no its not that i dont understand how to do it,
    its just that i think it would be simpler if you removed the "triangle flap" so that all you would have to do was glue the cylinder on. it would be easier for beginners.
    i like to think of your papercrafts as, like, beggining papercrafting.

  10. I do try to make them fun to build even if you don't have lots of patience already, so it's nice to hear people don't find them too difficult! ;o)

    I'm not sure if I fully understand what you mean, but if you just leave out the triangular flap, you would inevitably get a hole "there"... ;o)

    And although it is covered up by the man-skirt, I think it is worth the extra "difficulty" to use the extra flap.


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