Saturday, November 7, 2009

Evil's Bane

As you can see, I redid the base of the blade in this version of the Master Sword.

This way, it's much closer to the original version in Twilight Princess, but it does require some additional, small folds. The test build will decide whether or not it's worth the extra trouble. ;o)

I also played around a bit with the textures of the sheath, to make the golden decorations look more shiny.

And although I think I succeeded in that, I'll have to decide whether or not it fits the style of the Twilight Princess game, which is actually such a dark game...

Stay tuned!


  1. i think the gold is a bit too shiny for the would fine for OoT, but not TP. anyway, im really happy you fixed the sword! ;)

  2. why is no-one else commenting?

  3. Well normally you'll get the most reactions when people don't agree with you, so maybe this is a good sign? ;o)

    I'm not sure about the brightness either, I'll have to decide later whether to tone it down a bit or not...

  4. yeah, maybe tone it down because the first sheath texture was a bit too dark, but maybe i just think that because i keep on looking at the shiny one....

  5. Textures always look very different on the computer screen than when you print them, so I guess I'll just have to print them and see if they still fit the TP style...

  6. better, but 1 more thing, you know the bent parts at the top of the handle? (i dont know the name) on the original, it had bits sticking out the reverse of what it was on the old swords.
    ill post a picture to show what i mean.

  7. I think I know what you mean, but don't forget I'm not trying to make an exact replica of the game model; this is all just to make it into a papercraft model later on! ;o)

    The Master Sword (and Link himself) have many small details that imho would complicate building it a great deal, while the papercraft looks just fine (sometimes even better ;o) without it.

    But this is all just personal preference of course, so there will always be a lot of people disappointed I'm afraid... ;o)


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