Thursday, November 5, 2009

Crossing swords

As you can see, I simplified the Master Sword quite a lot, although it might still prove pretty difficult to build in the end!

The length looks good, for those who would like to put it in the sheath.


  1. that looks awesome, but i think you should make where the base connects to the guard a bit thicker

  2. Yeah, I'm not really crazy about the purple bit at the base of the sword either...

    I've been thinking about making it wider like you said, or just leaving it off altogether and have the blade run all the way down to the guard, and emphasizing the guard a bit bigger, more like on Melee:Link's Master Sword.

    But that's for tomorrow! (perhaps... ;o)

  3. omg omg omg i can't wait till it's finished n_n what else do you need to work on now? the hands, the head/hair/cap, or anything else?

  4. hey! listen! look out! i remember when building zal there was no room for a sheath, and i saw on the second post nof hol that the cap was kinda straight down as well. will it fit in????

  5. I haven't really touched the cap yet (except bend it down like you said so I could a make a decent preview image ;o)

    Only when I really start working on it, I can check to see where the sheath needs to be exactly, and how the cap needs to be draped so it's not in the way.

    But to be honest, I want to change the sword a bit more to make it a look better...

  6. i hate you.
    you simplified it too much.
    any chance of a more detailed version for the pros as a seperate download?
    this just makes me angry.

  7. No, there will only be one version. But because I don't really like the way it looks right now either, I will change it to look more like the original Twilight Princess Master Sword.

    I will have to see whether it still fits the style, because although this turned out to be a bit too simple, an overly detailed and difficult to build sword would definatly clash with the rest of the model I think...

  8. yeah... NOT TOO SIMPLE, BUT NOT TOO HARD EITHER! sorry i didnt mean to have caps lock on :D ( also, sorry about being like navi)

  9. If you want something impossibly hard to build that's about a billion pieces and accurate to the nosehair, ask someone else, because Ninjatoes is working extremely hard to satisfy everyone and he's doing an excellent job.

    Thank you, Ninjatoes.

  10. Well, I can't possibly satisfy *everyone* of course...! ;o)

    Only the ones that happen to have the exact same taste in paper models as myself... (and hopefully the people that are willing to see past the one or two things they would have done differently and still like building it ;o)

  11. i dont want something impossibly hard,
    i just would prefer something that doesnt look like a snes sprite.

  12. Haha what a coincidence, I'm aiming for something between "not impossible hard" and "not a SNES sprite" too! ;o)


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