Thursday, November 26, 2009


Sometimes you can use the paper to your advantage.

In this example, the corner of part B where the shoulder meets the torso is coming loose, because both the glueing tabs from part A and part C are underneath part B.

Because part B has to be curved, there is a lot of tension in it, causing the paper to rip itself loose (it wants to be flat again).

If you switch the glueing tab at the front so that the glueing tab is on part B and underneath part C, it will press against the backside of part C but will have nowhere to go, so it can't rip itself loose anymore.

Alternatively, you can also do a better job glueing the parts together. ;o)


  1. 1st comment...

    Done the other boot yet? the torso looks good, the collar turned out well.

  2. I don't think I'll make the other boot for the test build, because the build is pretty much the same, and I'm not really worried about the balance (that will be fine ;o)

    I'm glad you like it so far, I hope to finish it soon! ;o)

  3. So what's your idea with the collar? Did the ZaL neck concept end up working? By the way, looking great so far!

  4. you have to finish HoL this weekend, because i broke my leg and have only next week time to build (maybe the week after the next) but then i have to work again and not much time to built. and at the time its so boring at home <_<

  5. awww, poor you toni :'(
    one question ninjatoes; why does it take you so long to assemble and glue and post a pic of each part? it took you about 2 days to get the man-skirt done! is it just me, or is there siomething else you have to do before you post it?

  6. LOL! Unlike everyone else who's been commenting "first to comment" and such.. Ninjatoes isn't a kid, and he does have a real life, so cutting and gluing paper all day long isn't the only thing he does.

    silly little kids.....

  7. lol whats up with you?

    are you mr. serious?^^

    if you dont like the written things on this page dont read them.

    and dont call theese people kids if you dont know them mr. "anonymous".

    if ninjatoes dont like this comments he deletes them. point.

    and now back to topic:

    is the collar of the green armor flat or will it be an extra piece?

  8. that face is a tricky one, how's that looking for you, ninjatoes?

  9. i wouldn't say the face is going to be too tricky; i think it's just gonna be a few rounded parts.

  10. I think the face will end up looking pretty good; the ears might be a bit tricky too make, but if you take your time and pre-shape everything well, it will end up looking great!

    Like Anonymous said, I don't work on this every day all day long of course. Besides making the test build, I also need to fix the "problems" that emerge during the test build, first on the 3D model, then re-unfolding them, and making the templates themselves for the parts that are fixed already.

    So although it's getting closer to completion, I don't think I will be able to finish it this weekend already...

  11. this was a joke ninjatoes >_<´

    a few days ago i wrote that you maybe finished it before christmas and now you should finish this one 4 weeks before christmas?^^

    sry if someone thought that i meant that serious =P

  12. Haha with so many different people on the internet, and not being able to see their faces, it's not always easy to know when they're kidding and when they're not! ;o)

    By the looks of it, I will probably be able in plenty of time before Christmas. ;o)


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