Saturday, September 28, 2013

"De Ruyter" papercraft toys

"Cultuurbarbaartjes" is a Dutch platform that can help organizations promote cultural activities like shows, exhibitions, festivals or workshops for children up to the age of 15!

A little while ago, they announced on their Facebook page that readers of their newsletter could get the ready-printed sheets for three papercraft toys of the characters from the comic "De Ruyter" (made by 3Eyedbear for "Strip2000") of of course Michiel de Ruyter himself (the most famous and succesful Dutch naval admiral during the Dutch "Golden Age" in the 17th century!) and two of his crew, Ouwe Tjeerd and Kok!

(I don't know if you'll still get them if you subscribe to the newsletter now though, since as you can see they already sent them out...!)

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