Friday, September 13, 2013

Papercraft Voyager spacecraft

It's official: Voyager has left the solar system!

Launched in 1977, the Voyager 1 spacecraft is the farthest Man-made object from Earth (although Voyager 2 was the first to reach Uranus ;o) and now NASA has confirmed that it is officially the first spacecraft to leave the solar system and venture into interstellar space, boldly going where No Man has gone before (and probably won't for a very *loooong* time, if ever...!)

Download + build your own papercraft Voyager spacecraft (+lots more, by Ton Noteboom):
(click the "Voyager" link in the menu on the left)

(this picture that I originally used in this post by mistake was actually a special build by Paper Kosmonaut, who made his own scratchbuilt parts and other parts made by John Jogerst in combination with parts from Ton Noteboom's model! ;o)


  1. Hi Ninjatoes!
    As far as I can see the picture you used here is actually the model I made myself. The photo is also mine. The wallpaper, including the screw holes in it, the way the model is positioned on the frame and the antenna all look in that direction. The model is only partially Ton Noteboom's there are also parts by John Jogerst involved in this particular build and also a lot of scratch building.
    I don't mind you are using it but the credits should point to me and not to Ton.

    1. My apologies, normally I use a picture from the website where I find the model, but I must have made a mistake, sorry... :o(

      Of course you deserve all the credit for your work, I'll update the main picture with the picture from Ton Noteboom's own website, and since you are okay with it, I'll keep your picture (with the proper credits this time of course) as extra inspiration for others. ;o)

      Thanks for clarifying things!


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