Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Papercraft Wall-E & Transformers Optimus Prime (Age of Extinction evasion mode)

Elso Craft made a papercraft "Wall-E" robot before in 2008 shortly after the movie was released already, but now he updated it to make it a bit easier to build.

The second papercraft model is of the Transformers' Autobot leader Optimus Prime, in his evasion mode from the new "Age of Extinction" movie (I won't spoil why he looks like this... ;o)

Download + build your own papercraft Wall-E + Transformers Optimus Prime (by Elso Craft):
(you'll need the free Pepakura Viewer to open *.pdo files!)


  1. why can't people just put these paper models into pdf file form for simple reason I have tried to open in 4 share files and it doesn't work why can't people just make the damn things in pdf to begine with

    1. 4Shared is only a file host, so it depends on the creator of the file whether it is a PDF file or a PDO, or something completely different, not on 4Shared...!

      Many papercrafters use free file hosts to upload their paper models, so they don't have to have their own webspace and website bandwidth that can be very costly every month if you get a lot of traffic... :o(

      There are many different ones though, but it's their own choice which one they use of course. With 4Shared, you have to make an account first (a free account version is okay though) to be able to download files.

      Sometimes it's annoying because of all the advertisements on free file hosts that try to trick you to click the wrong buttons, but if you're careful, you will find the right buttons. ;o)

      In this case, the file is a Pepakura PDO file, but like I said, that's not up to the file host... You can open Pepakura PDO files with the free Pepakura Viewer that you can download here:

      Pepakura only works under Windows, but if you don't have Windows (the computer system I mean ;o) maybe you can try contacting the creator and ask if maybe he can give you a PDF version?

      Often though, the creator has intended the Pepakura PDO file to be used as instructions, so building it might be difficult if it's a complex model and there aren't any separate instructions...! :o(


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