Thursday, August 21, 2014

Limited time Serenity/Firefly Captain Malcolm Reynolds papercraft toy

For a limited time only (through September 30, 2014) QMX Online is offering a free papercraft toy made by Gus Santome of Captain Malcolm Reynolds from the Serenity/Firefly series! ;o)

To get the Firefly-class "Serenity" spaceship too, you need to buy for over $25 of Serenity/Firefly products from their store before September 30th, 2014; then QMx Online will include pre-printed sheets of the paper toy Mal and "Serenity" with your order (while supplies last!)
(download instructions: scroll down a bit and click the papercraft toy picture of Mal on the QMX Online website; the "Serenity" is only available as a free gift with an order of $25 or more!)

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