Thursday, April 23, 2009

Flipper (not the dolphin)

Finally an update on my new Zora armor Link project!

And then it turns out to be such a tiny one... ;o) For some reason I always seem to start from the bottom up, making the feet first, and working my way up to the head.
But even Link's flippers aren't ready yet, so I can't go on to the next part yet...
(well I mean I can, but I want to finish the flippers first ;o)


  1. Judging by how thin the flippers are, I hope there won't be any stability issues. (Link leaning forward sort of issues)

    really like how you take the extra effort into simplifying a model.

  2. judging by the looks of it, the build is already looking similar to cloud's this craft is gonna be great :D

  3. Well this is looking pretty sweet so far! I'm wondering if you're going to simplify the legs and stuff more; like, will this look like the end product? And will the flippers be hard to build? They kinda look a bit hard so far :P

  4. I don't think the stability will be a big problem on this model, because the center of gravity is located between the feet. Even if they are thinner than usual, I think they will be able to cope. ;o)

    I'm always experimenting with how to make my models, but many things will be similar to Cloud, like on most of my SLM's. ;o)

    In my mind's eye, this looks a bit like two/three cylinders and two flat surfaces with a strip between them, but only after the test build I will know if it's okay to build. Although I'm thinking about changing the proportions just a little for a better look (imho) and the heel part, with the overlapping parts (I'm not sure if I like them, I might remove them altogether and make a whole new heel...)


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