Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Koume & Super-Koume

When you fight Koume & Kotake in the first stage of the Twinrova boss fight in Ocarina of Time, they're already in overdrive mode, meaning they have a more impressive haircut.

I also really like their normal "granny-style" look though (which they also have in Majora's Mask) so while I'm at it, I will also make replacement heads. ;o)

Next time I will hopefully have unfolded all the parts that I fixed after the test build, so I can put them together with the other parts to make the templates and start the final build and instruction-making!

Stay tuned!


  1. The besom of now looks more realistic, but the one you did before was more simple and better.

  2. You mean "the one before" being the version with the double layers and open end: http://ninjatoes.blogspot.com/2010/03/torsos-besoms.html ?

    Yeah, the version *with* a closed end is a little bit more difficult / more work of course because it has an extra part! ;o)

    But you could always choose *not* to build the closed end if you don't want to. ;o)

    And to be honest, I think that would not be such a problem if you would really find making the closed end too difficult: you would still have an open end (which would still be okay to look at I think) but not the double layers. Those just really didn't look good in paper... :o(

    But that is something that everybody needs to decide on their own! ;o)

  3. Please can you keep both versions?

  4. i think ninjatoes will make separate heads is that right? Is there gonna be a stand 4 'em?

  5. Well, i really meant the besom :)

  6. No sorry, I will only make 1 version of the besom; like I said before, I really can't make seperate versions of everything for everybody I'm afraid...

    I will make a simple stand for them but personally, I think I will have them hanging from a string I think! ;o)

  7. you should make the hair replacable with skewers. you would put a skewer in the hair and the poke it into a hole in the head.

  8. You'd need to make the hair *and* the top part of the head removable then, since that's really the part that's different on the two heads.

    I think with some creative scratchbuilding you could do that, but the original release won't feature kebab skewers! ;o)


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