Saturday, May 1, 2010

Sora test build: part 3

So far so good! The torso went together pretty nicely, I added the new yellow straps around Sora's legs, and I was able to test the balance!

So after fixing the things I found out during the test build so far, all that's missing now are the hands, Keyblade, and Sora's head.

Stay tuned!


  1. awesome work!!!
    i just hope you dont make weird face like in tp link

  2. I liked TP Links face if it doesn't look exactly how you want it that doesn't mean its wrong or weird. Sora looks awesome so far and his face will too!

  3. Sora looks epic I cant wait to make it! Making the yellow bands as seperate strips looks way better than textured! It was a good choice to change that! Keep it up!

  4. Now that looks good!

    And it seems
    a)Sora been bitten by a vampire
    b)someone has written on Sora's neck.

  5. Looks great! the pants/torso connection looks a little weird, the pants lool a bit big. but it's still a great model.

  6. His legs don't look quite might want to consider making the tops a little wider.

  7. Yeah, I really like the yellow straps as seperate strips; it's a simple change, but it makes a lot of difference I think!

    The markings are my notes for the test build; things to fix, build order, etc. They won't be on the final build of course. ;o)

    The pants *are* very big; but like I've been saying all along, that's because Sora was made to look like a cartoon character, with really absurd proportions! ;o)

    But I think it makes him look funny (in a good way I mean ;o) so I'm not going to change those, sorry...

  8. There should be different Keyblades for Sora.

  9. I'm playing with the idea to make different Keyblades in the same scale. But for now, I will only make the Kingdom Key Keyblade for Sora's release, so other Keyblades will have to wait until later, sorry...

  10. That's fine. Sora is still turning out great!

  11. Thanks, I'm glad you guys think so! I hope the rest of him will go together as well as it did so far! ;o)


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