Saturday, May 11, 2013

Papercraft Tomb Raider II 40 Fathoms Lara Croft vignette WIP 3!

The stand for my new papercraft Tomb Raider II 40 Fathoms Lara vignette is quite simple: it features two small barrels slowly rusting away on the deep, icy ocean floor, and the sides with the vignette title will have the same red, rusty textures from the actual Tomb Raider II underwater levels.

The test build is printed on the lowest print settings to save ink, but the textures that created the eerie, icy cold atmosphere from the Tomb Raider II underwater levels will look really neat together on the final version I think! ;o)

Using a plastic straw, Lara will appear to be floating just above the ocean floor, ready to make her way into the sunken "Maria Doria"...

Stay tuned!

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