Saturday, March 14, 2015

Zelda Spirit Tracks Chancellor Cole papercraft WIP 2

Progress on Chancellor Cole is slow, but steady. ;o)

Often the biggest issue with paperfying 3D game models (especially "simplified" ones like these from handheld or "older" systems) is creating solutions to connect all the separate, floating parts together, so the paper model can actually be built in the end.

In the virtual game world, parts like Chancellor Cole's (6-year old spoiler alert...!) horns for instance are just modelled right through his head, but that's impossible for the physical world of papercraft of course.

The same usually goes for parts like the arms, hands, legs, neck (well, pretty much every separate body part). That's why you really don't need to be a 3D wizkid to create a paper model with a simple to use tool like Pepakura Designer, but more often than not, you do need to do some basic 3D modelling to fix issues like floating bodyparts.

How far you go with that, is really up to you though. ;o)

Have fun and stay tuned!

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