Sunday, November 1, 2015

Papercraft Pokémon Beedrill, Mega Charizard and Lavender Town

It's papercraft Pokémon Sunday again, with Beedrill, Mega Charizard and Lavender Town!

Download + build your own Pokémon papercrafts (from PaperPokés, Javierini, and iClubBabySeals):


  1. That Mega Charizard is amazing! I think I will build it in the holidays (and when I have more printer ink in my Black and White Printer). I was also planning on building your Zelda models (being Twilight Princess and a few other ones) and also paper crafts from other sites to make a really really REALLY big Zelda Papercraft collection which I thought would be cool! Oh geez, where am I gonna put em all! I already am filling up my room! Lol!

    1. yes, many papercrafters have the same problem, you'll probably need to make some room... ;o) Have fun building!


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