Sunday, January 31, 2016

papercraft "LIINO" ("LEGO Indy In Name Only") WIP 1

Papercraft is only a hobby of mine, so of course I don't already have a lot of time to do a lot of papercrafting, but I decided to start a big project again, namely a new papercraft LEGO minifigure: Indiana Jones! ;o)

...or not really, of course: LEGO only made an official "Indiana Jones" minifig in 2008 (and sure, there was the "Adventurer"'s theme with Johnny Thunder as LEGO's own Indy-wannabe) but I rather made my own fake Indy, wearing a cowboy hat instead of a fedora, and a backpack instead of a satchel.

The leather jacket looked good though, and so did the stubble beard - but 1930's-1940's Indy never whore those big, 1990's police sunglasses of course. ;o) But I really liked the look of "my" LEGO Indy, hence the paperfying.

As you can see, I started with his cowboy hat; to be honest, I don't think even a fake Indy would be caught wearing a pink hat, but for just a test build, it's good enough. ;o)

Stay tuned!

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