Saturday, October 13, 2018

free official supercute Sanrio Hello Kitty papercrafts (changes weekly!)

Some papercrafters already found out that Sanrio is very protective of their copyrights, so there actually aren't many Hello Kitty papercrafts  made by fans for example... But sometimes they have their own papercrafts for their fans, like on their Sanrio Characters Pon Pon Jump! website! 🐱🎀

I think they will change it every week though, and today seems to be the last day to get Volume 1 which is Kitty herself, so go download this one NOW, and then check back before next Saturday for a new one...! 📆❗

Download + build your own free official Sanrio Hello Kitty and friends papercrafts (by Sanrio Characters Pon Pon Jump!):

(download instructions: click the pink "ペーパークラフトのダウンロードはこちらから >" button at the bottom of the Sanrio Characters Pon Pon Jump! craft page for the PDF parts file; check back every week for a new papercraft!*)

NOTE: Sorry for telling you guys so late about this Hello Kitty papercraft, and some people already missed it before Sanrio changed the papercraft to the My Melody one (and that one will probably be changed already again when you read this!)

But at the moment (Monday October 17th) there might be a way to still get the Hello Kitty papercraft by doing a Site:Search for it (by adding the file name "vol1.pdf" as search term and the "site:" parameter before the domain URL):

I don't know if they will eventually remove it completely, or that you could keep changing the "vol.pdf" number to look up ones you missed...?

Please note that the site has to be "crawled" first (or whatever they call it 😉) for Google to find the link and show it in your search results, so if it doesn't show up the first day, try again later that week)

Long story short: always save papercrafts you like to your computer when you find them, even if you're not planning to build them anytime soon...! 😉

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