Saturday, October 13, 2018

free official supercute Sanrio Hello Kitty papercrafts (changes weekly!)

Some papercrafters already found out that Sanrio is very protective of their copyrights, so there actually aren't many Hello Kitty papercrafts made by fans for example... But sometimes they have their own papercrafts for their fans, like on their Sanrio Characters Pon Pon Jump! website! 🐱🎀

I think they will change it every week though, and today seems to be the last day to get Volume 1 which is Kitty herself, so go download this one NOW, and then check back before next Saturday for a new one...! 📆❗

Download + build your own free official Sanrio Hello Kitty and friends papercrafts (by Sanrio Characters Pon Pon Jump!):

UPDATE: The campaign is over, and the download button on the Sanrio Characters Pon Pon Jump website doesn't work anymore... There might still be a while to get these Hello Kitty papercrafts, though!

Option 1: First try the Wayback Machine, which saves archives copies of websites it crawls. Try captures from different dates, especially in this case because the papercrafst were changed every week:

Option 2: You might also try doing a Site:Search for it (by adding the file name "vol1.pdf" as search term and the "site:" parameter before the domain URL). If you're in luck, it was only the download link that was removed, and the file might still be available on the website, but as time goes by, you will probably have more luck using the Wayback Machine option.

Here's a list of all the papercrafts so far:
  1. Hello Kitty
  2. My Melody
  3. Bonbon Ribbon
  4. Dear Daniel
  5. Hangyodon
  6. Cinnamoroll
  7. Gudetama
  8. Hello Kitty
  9. Pinky Lil Rose
  10. Rio Sky Peace
  11. Pompompurin
  12. Tuxedo Sam
  13. Hello Mimmy
  14. Little Twin Stars Kiki
  15. Little Twin Stars Lala
  16. Monkichi
  17. Pochacco
  18. Wish me mell
  19. Bad Badtz-Maru
  20. Lady Kitty
  21. Minna no Tabo
  22. Marroncream
  23. Hummingmint
  24. Kuromi
  25. Pekkie
Of course, there's no guarantee how long Sanrio will keep the papercraft files on their website to keep this method working...!

Long story short: always save papercrafts you like to your computer when you find them, even if you're not planning to build them anytime soon...! 😉

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