Sunday, February 13, 2011

LEGO Knoest's stylish shirt unfolded

Test building the model gives me the opportunity to see if the paper model goes together the way I imagined, or that it might be better to change my ideas...

Tab placement often makes it much easier (or much more difficult...) to assemble a model, so it's something I often end up changing depending on the test build; and sometimes I even end up unfolding a certain piece completely differently on the final model... ;o)

I also wanted to see how the shirt turns out (which somehow ended up getting mirrored here...) but since the rest of the torso is just black, I'm using a different colour so I can easily see the lines for the test build without having to change the line colours right now. ;o)

Stay tuned!


  1. PFFF.... double paper for the inside? so hard no?

  2. my thoughts exactly.
    good idea with the slits for the neck btw.

  3. Thanks, I've use the tabs+slits method before, and I really like it, it makes some things much easier... ;o)

    The body will have an inside yes, so it's a complete part when you disassemble the minifig, just like the real one.

    It takes up extra paper, but the model is more than big enough so that it won't really be difficult to make, I think. ;o)


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