Thursday, March 22, 2012

D/L #papercraft Maiko-san geisha girl bust:

Download + build your papercraft own Maiko-san geisha girl bust! (by mugi) (dead link)

New link!


  1. This model is no longer on the web or was intentionally disabled :-(

    1. It's always a shame when papercraft sites or links go dead, but unfortunately, sometimes that happens of course... :o(

      In this case, it looks like the filesharing site that Mugi was using to host his files shut down because they couldn't cope with the amount of virus infected files and copyrighted materials anymore... :o(
      (translation: )

      I'm afraid not much can be done about this, except maybe you can try to contact Mugi to see if he still has the files and/or would be willing to reupload them on a different filesharing site or send them to you directly, or try and see if somebody else took them and uploaded them on their own website?

      It looks like Mugi did make a new site, but with the same old (dead) download links, but on that site, there's a contact form that you can use to contact him:

    2. From the looks of it, Mugi created new download links for his papercraft models, including this one: ;o)


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