Monday, March 31, 2014

Papercraft Advance Wars Mech Units WIP2

As you can see, after the test build I finished the Orange Star and Yellow Comet versions of the papercraft Advance Wars Mech units!

I haven't made the instructions yet though, because unlike the Infantry units, this time I want to wait until all five of them are done before I release them all at once.

The Orange Star and Yellow Comet Mechs were pretty similar with their big Bazookas, and I made them both to be kneeling; the rest of them I'll make just standing (I think for the Blue Moon soldier, I'll make an extra wide stance, haha...!).

And then there are the different "Bazookas" they have: for the Blue Moon Mech it looks like a Russian "RPG", the Green Earth soldier looks to have a World War II German "Panzerfaust", and the Black Hole guy looks to have some sort of grenade that he can launch from his standard "Bolter" gun! ;o)
Stay tuned!

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