Friday, December 5, 2014

Sinterklaas-surprise bouwplaten

Moet je nog snel een surprise maken voor Pakjesavond? Misschien dat deze cupcake, handtas, rugzak, Scrabble-doos of het grote boek van Sinterklaas uitkomst bieden! ;o)

Download + bouw je eigen Sinterklaas-surprise bouwplaten (van V&D):

(In the Netherlands, December 6th is celebrated as "Sinterklaas", based on the story that the friendly bishop Saint Nicholas ("Sinterklaas") will bring gifts on his birthday to children that have been good all year. Most gifts are exchanged the evening before though on "Pakjesavond", often elaborately packaged in a crafty box and accompanied with a poem that say something about the recipient of the gift. ;o)

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