Sunday, May 15, 2016

Papercraft T-44 and ISU-122 tanks

A new batch of papercraft tanks from "World of Tanks": several versions of the T-44 tank and an ISU-122 self-propelled gun!

Download + build your own papercraft T-44 and ISU-122 tanks (+lots more, by World of Tanks):

(try to copy+paste the link in the address bar of your browser if clicking the link gets you automatically redirected to the World of Tanks site of your country instead of the Russian one; "Stay on the website of the Russian-speaking region!")


  1. By any chance, can the instructions be translated into English?

    1. Usually, the instructions for these papercraft tanks have images showing you schematically where each part goes on the papercraft, so there isn't much to translate...

      If you do find written Russian text in the instructions, and it allows you to copy+paste it, then you could copy+paste it on

      The translation won't be perfect, but it usually gives you the gist. It works with URL's too, so you can copy+paste the address of a webpage and it will translate the whole webpage (if it can ;o)


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