Saturday, June 4, 2016

Papercraft Advance Wars Black Hole Cruiser WIP1

Coming soon (well, I really can't promise any release dates...) to a papercraft webpage near you (or maybe on the other side of the world, it doesn't really matter nowadays with this internet thing and all ;o)

Those who know me a bit, know that I really like making papercrafts by hand too! ;o)

That (among other things ;o) is why I love working on my Advance Wars series, which is still slowly growing... (emphasis on the "slowly" - but on the "growing" too, with this new Black Hole Cruiser underway! ;o)

Honestly, I think since most maps and battles in Advance Wars are land-based, Cruisers are heavily underrated!

  • Cruisers have great vision in Fog of War
  • Cruisers can safely carry two Copters (be it B-Copters to bring some fire power to the front, or T-Copters with Infantry on their way to quickly Capture the enemy's HQ) on board across areas in range of Missiles, Fighters, and enemy Cruisers...
  • Cruisers can cripple/kill enemy Submarines (even when they're submerged and safe from pretty much any other unit!) en route to sink your Battleship
  • Cruisers can cripple/kill enemy Fighters en route to destroy your otherwise defenseless Bomber
  • Cruisers can cripple/kill enemy Bombers en route to destroy your otherwise defenseless surface vessels
  • Cruisers will instant kill enemy T-Copters and B-Copters
  • ...and since Dual Strike, Cruisers can even harrass other surface vessels!

An amazing unit, really! ;o) Stay tuned for the papercraft!

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