Friday, July 22, 2016

Papercraft DC's The Flash

Of course The Flash would build Totya's newest papercraft in well, a flash. ;o) Normal people will need a little longer (especially if you also take some time admiring Totya's build pics in his WIP gallery ;o) but it'll be worth it!

Download + build your own papercraft DC's The Flash (+lots more, by Totya):

(download instructions: click the "http://1drv..." link on Totya Papercraft's Facebook post to go to the download page; you'll need the free Pepakura Viewer to open *.pdo files!)


  1. My brother is literally going to love me forever 0.o

    1. Brothers will love you forever no matter what, even though they might not say it (or show it ;o) all the time. ;o)

      ...oh, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't make him a cool papercraft Flash bust of course! ;o) Have fun!


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