Saturday, September 3, 2016

WIP: papercraft Advance Wars Orange Star skyscra-, eh Headquarters

I've been so busy at the moment, that I haven't had the time to start a big papercraft project - so I decided to do a small project again. ;o)

My papercraft Advance Wars army is far from finished, but instead of a new unit, I wanted to do something different this time, so I decided to make the Orange Star HQ!

The picture above is actually the second test build I did, btw: the first one came up a little short, as you can clearly see...

As far as construction goes, I've never been a fan of "hollow shell papercrafts", so even for this simple looking papercraft, I tried to make it into separate segments, using the "slit-and-tab" method to fit the recessed  parts of the skyscraper in between the corner pieces:

So now that testing is done, it's time to start finalizing the templates! ;o)

Stay tuned!

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