Saturday, March 11, 2017

Polimind papercraft decorations pre-launch contest

Dusan Cvetkovic contacted me about the Polimind papercraft project that he and his girlfriend Andreia Cabanas are getting off the ground. They are both architects, and they were thinking about how papercraft designs could bring back to life blank walls and empty spaces at peoples' homes. ;o)

So they developed several unique DIY papercraft design kits, with the idea to not just have digital PDF files, but to offer physical, pre-cut and pre-creased kits in a variety of colours.

To make this a reality, on March 15 they are starting an Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign to afford the manufacturing process of the physical kits.

And as an extra perk, they are having a "pre-launch contest" now: by signing up your email-adress, you get a free PDF of their heart design! And if you spread the news by referring your friends, you can unlock even more free designs! ;o)

During the Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign, both digital and physical kits will be available, but the physical kits will arrive only after they are able to set up their manufacturing process (estimated September 2017; the digital kits will be sent out in April after the crowdfunding campaign ends.)

So have a look at their crowdfunding pre-launch page, and be sure to check back when their Indiegogo campaign starts. Have fun! ;o)

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