Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Wonder! School decorate-your-own-papercraft-Mazda contest

Google Translate tells me Wonder! School is having a papercraft contest, from April 25 - July 9!

The contest is for Japanese elementary school children only, but anybody can download the white papercraft Mazda Demio or Mazda Roadster that needs to be decorated in the most creative way for the contest. ;o)

And if you bother to make a Wonder! School account, you can upload it to the site if you like - but you won't be eligible for the prizes unless you're a Japanese elementary school student!

There will be an Open Course (for Japanese elementary students in 3rd grade or higher) and a Junior Course (for 2nd grade and below) but for the ultimate prize (a Hiroshima Mazda Headquarters factory tour on August 25 and I think a radio controlled RC car with the actual decorations created by the winner - who needs to bring their actual papercraft to compare with the RC car!) only 3rd grade elementary school students are eligible I think (and the others can compete for some other neat prizes of course ;o)

The winners will be announced July 14 on the Wonder! School website, but be sure to read the rules very carefully to make sure you're eligible if you want to enter the contest...!

When everything is clear, download the papercraft Mazda Demio and Roadster here:

Phew, I hope I explained everything okay, but be sure to read the rules yourself as well...! ;o)
Have fun and good luck to those who enter the contest!

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