Sunday, April 9, 2017

Official Payday 2 papercraft contest

The creators of the "Payday 2: The Search for Kento" game OVERKILL Software are having a 10-day event during Spring Break in the US which includes a papercraft contest for their fans to create a new "Heister" in papercraft, that could get made as a real character in the game!

You can download a blank template to make your own custom papercraft Heister from the OVERKILL website and there are already some official "paper gangs" for inspiration.

Once you're done making your papercraft Heister, submit it to Twitter or Instagram using the hashtag #MYHEISTER to enter the contest, and a winner will be chosen after the event.

Here's some more info on the Spring Break event (from April 3 - April 13):

You can read more about the papercraft contest rules here:

And you can download the blank templates and the official papercraft Heisters here:

(under the "MY HEISTER - COMMUNITY CONTEST" and "PAPER GANG" buttons)

Have fun building, and good luck if you join the contest! ;o)

UPDATE: the contest is over, and Overkill Software has announced the winner, Taylor van Dommelen with its historical Heister:

Congratulations, and I hope everybody had fun making their papercraft Heisters (and you don't have to stop, of course! ;o)

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