Sunday, April 1, 2018

Brother develops printer tank for rough terrain!

Imagine you're in rough terrain, and want to do some papercraft, and you brought your tools - but forgot the printouts... 😭

Then you're in luck, because Brother has developed the Type MFC-J0401 printer tank!

Originally aimed at (some pun intended 😆) for businessmen that find themselves in an important meeting and don't have the right printouts, the MFC-J0401 can reach you wherever you are (even if the business meeting is in tough terrain!).

And by maintaining the same size as a military tank, you will overwhelm your opposition with shock and awe when your printer tank rolls in so you can print your pie chart! And what's great, it runs on standard (XL) Brother ink cartridges!😃

Now when I went to order one, I found out this is just a cruel April Fool's Day joke by Brother... But what's no joke is the four papercraft versions, in snow white, urban grey, sand brown and khaki colours!

Download + build your own Brother April Fools' Day 2018 printer tank (+lots more, by Brother):

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